Thank You Gill, Antoinette, Jet, Arielle, Dawn and Jan

Ways inwhich non-bloggers have shaped and enriched my crafty life

While assembling the "thank you series", I always worry that I might leave someone out - I hope like everything I have not. So far, I have focused on the top 20 bloggers who have hugely contributed to my crafty expression during this past year. But there is one remaining group of lovely friends I am sharing today - all non-bloggers!

They keep in touch with me through e-mail and because of their encouragement, advice, and friendship, they have enriched my crafty life significantly over the past 16 months. Be it a surprise gift, pictures of the results of making while using one of my tutorials, or enlarging my world - every one of these friends deserve to be included here - because they are appreciated ...  and because I want all of you to meet them.

Hand crafted Easter Witch sent from Norway

I have had reason to include Gill almost every year! She is a busy mother of three and yet she finds time to keep in touch - be that a "hello" or sharing a link to a fabulous site or even a real honest to goodness pen pal letter! In the time I have enjoyed Gill's friendship, she has sent so much beauty and enchantment into my life - but in this post I am concentrating on this past year!!!

Can you believe the Easter Witches? They just flew in from Norway a few days ago! A complete surprise! And I love them to pieces! I was intending to hang them in my kitchen because that is where Gill's MIL hangs her's; but instead. they are right here next to me hanging from my bookshelves 18" from my head! Watching over my blog writing!!

Just in time for the winter holidays, two Christmas Nisse came to help me celebrate! Apparently Gill found them at a craft fair and knew immediately that they were destined to watch over and protect my home. They are adorable - see them here.

The Pepperkakor Advent Calendar was inspired by a story Gill shared about traditions in her MIL's home.  And her lovely gift of a book describing how to make a Primstav has my mind spinning with ideas for a project based on the ancient Norwegian calendar stick - a Primstav.

My most favorite Christmas web site - Hanna's Sjarmerende Jul (which means Charming Christmas) -  came as a link from Gill. And she introduced me to the fabulously talented wizard - Alan Dart (find him here). I am always grateful to Gill for her links because not only does she know exactly what I love, but I can then share them with you!!!

Virgin de Guadalupe, recycled tin can frame

Antoinette loves playing with punched tin as much as I do - actually maybe more! And she is certainly much more skilled than I am as you can see! She wrote me a few months ago to share that she had used one of my tutorials to create a frame using tin from cans. That is her frame above!  She has also recently taken a class offered in Albuquerque NM at UNM and shared pictures of the frame and mirrort completed in class. (More of her work and a link to the class is here.)

She has lots of plans and ideas for tin projects but has been interrupted by a request to make several of her carved and painted Bultos of Franciscan monks. Check them out here! And while you are visiting her Flickr site - enjoy more of her punched tin work as well.

Antoinette is incredibly talented and has been so helpful and generous whenever I have a question! Did you notice that lovely little tin frame in the collage?  That was a gift from Antoinette!  I have used it to display a lovely piece of hand embroidery from Afganistan - a gift from Maryline.  The frame is perfect for the embroidery.  Just perfect.

It is so lovely to know someone with such similar interests and influences (she lives in New Mexico) - now if only she didn't live 1800 miles away!

Hand made pins to commemorate the Dutch change of Monarchs

My friend Jet made these two little pins just for me! To celebrate our shared Dutch roots - well her many Dutch roots and my one tiny Dutch root!! The pins and the color orange are inspired by the recent change in Monarchy in the Netherlands.

Don't you totally love the way she presented the little pins on the card she made. I am not sure I will actually remove them - I think I would prefer to keep the card as it is.

Many of you remember Jet, I am sure. She is the brilliant creator of amazing privacy curtains through out her home using recycled bits - juice boxes, old saved bills and letters, yogurt cupsÂ…. See all of them here.

If you were just too busy during the holidays to visit Gingerbread Snowflakes, pop over here to read the wonderful story Jet wrote for the winter holidays celebration on - the true story of Sinterklaas! I am so grateful to Jet for all the hours of research and writing she put into writing the story of Sinterklaas .

AndÂ… thanks to Jet and all her advice and help with felting methods, there is a chance my felted Danish hearts just may become a reality!

Beautifu cookies made by Arielle!

My friend Arielle made and decorated these! Yup! I am bragging on her! Aren't they pretty! And perfect - despite the fact that the humidity in Okinawa makes working with royal frosting a huge challenge! Try getting your next batch of royal frosting to set up in a room steamed up from a hot shower - get the picture?  And look at what a great job she did!!!

Star Wars figures celebrating Christmas!

She and her husband happen to be big time Star Wars fans so this year they made good use of their collection to create a Star Wars Christmas scene! Don't you love it? I love it!!

Arielle currently lives in Okinawa and through the blog and e-mails we have become friends! You might remember her sharing how Christmas is celebrated on Okinawa (here) - Christmas dinner is ordered at KFC well in advance of the big day - and if one likes - they can also order a KFC Christmas Plate! (see collage). Arielle sent me pictures of their Christmas dinner table this year - complete with a big ole box of KFC taking center stage! As she puts it - while in Okinawa - do as the Okinawans do!  

I appreciate so much how she and her husband have taken the time and made the effort to enjoy and participate in the culture while living there.

Arielle has fallen in love with Okinawa and the people. She even sent pictures of her beloved island paradise for me to share with you as a mid-winter pick-me-up! (find them here). I love that she keeps me informed and includes me by e-mail when she is doing something extra special. She is a treasure and I feel privileged to know her.

Dutch Canal House

After downloading the PDF that accompanies the final post for the Dutch Canal House Embroidery, Dawn created this beauty! Since she is very new to embroidery, she decided to simply use the embroidery as a sort of guide and do her own thing! and look where that led her!!!!

I love the colors! I love the flowers banked on both sides of the house. And the sun and clouds and birds! Absolutely wonderful!

Getting an e-mail like this one from Dawn just makes my day - my week actually. As it would any blogger who writes tutorials. With twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social sites giving people the opportunity to dip in and out in seconds, comments on most blogs have dimished considerably and many bloggers are beginning to wonder "why am I even doing this?". Receiving an e-mail like the one from Dawn containing this picture answers the question with a smile and puts it to bed - at least for awhile.

Shaved Wood Ornament Kit

One of the most exciting e-mails I received this year was from Jan's daughter Patti! While Jan was off teaching how to make chocolates and lecturing on Gee Bend quilters, her daughter wrote me - to tell me that her mother has been making shaved wood ornaments for years - many years! And that she is now making kits! (read the story and meet Jan here).

I am on my second round of kits now! Having the little curls is a huge help in completing some of the designs I have been attempting with the shaved wood Gill sent me previously from Norway. Try as I might, I just couldn't seem to get the tiny curls to work - but Jan's husband figured out how to design a machine that makes them - and - all the same size! Now I am really glad I have been hoarding the material Gill sent me because now I have everything needed to create almost any design in shaved wood.

And of course - I have Diane to inspire me with new ideas - like that totally sweet butterfly in the collage.

Pop over here to find out how to order your own kits!

Iceland Poppy - first of the season

Thank you one and all - everyone who subscribes through e-mail, reads by way of a reader, those of you who are bloggers and those of you who are not but reach out by e-mail, everyone who left me comments this past year! I deeply appreciate each and everyone of you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for being part of my crafty adventure.

Hello my Dear Pam, Thank you

Hello my Dear Pam,
Thank you for the lovely compliments, I am so in debt to you for your great tutorials. I love that you can teach with such ease. Thank you with all of my heart.

Thank you for reminding me

Thank you for reminding me about those glorious wood shavings!!

aaaw thank you Pam for

aaaw thank you Pam for showing my medailles and that you loved the wrapping.
and shared them with others.
Love it that you not only inspired me with your cannal houses but as well off Dawn.
love it, beautiful the flowers and the free style embroidery.
The other pictures are pretty as well.
it's very inspirating. i would like it to try more out.
but too less energy at the moment, i'm only glad to do some small chores in the house.
I'm making a kind of side table for around and above my strange box formed centrale heating.
My sis had found some wood from a part of a closet. And now i thought i must saw the other parts.
But i think i must do it in more time then in just a day. I don't like it anymore to get a too hard bumbed brain.LOL
and i'm almost done with my last gnom of papermache and knitted socks in their woodenshoes and knitted hats.
i will send you picts soon.
thank you for give my your credit again. Love that, and love you for all the sharing and meting more talented crafting people'=D
many dutch hugs