Taking a Few Days Off! Can You Suggest a British Mystery Series!

Calla Lily - first of the season

I am taking a little break for the rest of the week.

I will spend some time trying to catch up with e-mails and blog reading and dipping into Instagram - but mostly my time will be spent in crafty play and watching British mystery series on Netflix!

I have watched all episodes available of "Midsommer Murders", "Inspector Lewis" , "Dangerous Davies" and "Rosemary and Thyme".

Any suggestions? Recommendations? Favorites?

Hi Pam i hope it were great

Hi Pam
i hope it were great days off for you. I'm addicted as well at this moment for crimies on tele. but we have some dutch ones and many of the USA and some UK ones. I love the dutch and Belgiums the best. But i have heard that's because the britain people and dutch have the same strange humour.
And i know thos countries much better, so it's often funny to watch a city in a serie where i have been myself.LOL
It's here boring on tele, all te old ones are being in repeating. Some i hoped for, because i can't often following a serie.
I 'm stucked at t he moment with my teacups lights, i have used the wrong cables-S
So i must asked a briliant brain to solve this problem or to start again.
Raymond had showed me by a drawing how to hang kitschen closets very tightly on a wall. I had done the forwork in front so me and my sis had to do the rest.
it was difficult but whitout a bad word or cursing each other it worked and the hanging perfectly. Me and my sis was proud of ourselfs to understand such a menly idea and to finsihing it till the end perfectly.LOL
You can't see how difficult it would be , but it was.!!!!
It's perfect summer weather, we had a period that it was too hot for us dutch. But so nearly living by the seashore it's always good to stand the weather, and i love the lazy days as well.
i hope you have enjoyed them too.
many dutch hugs of me, and my love

Enjoy your days off!! I have

Enjoy your days off!! I have been trying to get into Copper on BBC but haven't had the time yet.

Hamish MacBeth is good. It's

Hamish MacBeth is good. It's set in Scotland, not England - I hope that won't be a deal breaker. It stars Robert Carlyle as a small town cop.

NOT a deal breaker!  We have

NOT a deal breaker!  We have enjoyed many shows set in Scotland and Ireland  and welcome any suggestions!! :-)  Thank you for this one.  Will check to see where it is available.

Prime Suspect with Helen

Prime Suspect with Helen Mirren is brilliant and will probably stand the test of time. I would HIGHLY recommend a brilliant BBC drama series that a previous commenter listed, The Village. Fantastic cast and story and it felt very true to it's time and social setting. Friends recommended it knowing I hardly ever, ever have time for TV and found I couldn't miss an episode; I loved it.

Joanie!  Thank you!

Joanie!  Thank you!  


Actually, we are half-way through the 16 Prime suspect episodes available to us.  Don't yet know if there were more.  But you are right - Helen Mirren is "brilliant".  In fact the entire cast and directors, photographers, production crew!!  Acting is top drawer.  We usually are not huge fans of spending much time with such intense subject matter but this one is so compelling we can't leave it!!

Will add The Village to the queue if it is available.

It's not an English series

It's not an English series but my Mom and I are watching Major Crimes right now. It is a continuation of the Closer. It is really good and not gory or anything.
Right now I am reading an old Agatha Cristie - They Came to Bagdad.
Have a restful time off ; )

Hi - I love all the ones you

Hi - I love all the ones you have read so far - they are all TV programmes too.
Have you tried:
Poirot - Agatha Christie

Miss Marple - Agatha Christie

Morse - Colin Dextor

Vera ( a Newcastle detective)

A Touch of Frost by R. D. Wingfield

Inspector Banks
Shroud for a Nightingale (Adam Dalgliesh Mystery Series #4) by P. D. James

There are tons more - are you wanting to read or to watch DVDs?

Hope you find something you like

Pauline Perry

Oh my goodness!  Came home

Oh my goodness!  Came home from errands, found all these comments and thought i had been spammed again!lol!

You are all so great.  Forgot about some you have mentioned and others are totally new.  Very excited to check them out.  

Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Inspector Linley Inspector

Inspector Linley
Inspector Morse
Prime Suspect

We've been enjoying Foyle's

We've been enjoying Foyle's War on Netflix Canada.

I'm hoping to watch Sherlock

I'm hoping to watch Sherlock sometime soon! Have fun!!

Hi, Pam. Have you seen

Hi, Pam. Have you seen Brother Cadfael? Derek Jacobi plays Cadfael. It was on PBS several years ago -- I hope it's available on Netflix.

Yes!  And we have added it to

Yes!  And we have added it to the queue! Thank you.

Hi, I found you via the

Hi, I found you via the CraftyPod blog.

As you have watched Lewis, have you watched Inspector Morse, which came before Lewis?

I think that after you have seen Morse, you might be getting into things like Prime Suspect and Wire in the Blood; far to dark. Just remembered there also Scott and Bailey and Vera. Not pre 9pm viewing but maybe less dark than Wire in the Blood.

Good luck with your viewing

Did you watch Inspector

Did you watch Inspector Morse, the pre-cursor of Lewis? He's one of my favourites! They're old but they have aged well.

Can't get it on Netflix.  so

Can't get it on Netflix.  so bummed.  Hoping to find it elsewhere.

we love all the old "Poirot"

we love all the old "Poirot" episodes :)

Morning Pam - Living in

Morning Pam -
Living in Lakeview Oregon with one movie theater open 3 nights a week I do Netflix and Prime on Amazon for movie watching. Love those British mysteries, especially Agatha Christie. I just finished watching Kingdom- on Netflix. It stars Stephen Fry (Jeeves & Wooster) as a country solicitor. Great cast, beautiful scenery and some sweet and funny stories. Makes me want to take a trip to England.

Also a very belated Thank You for your great blog. You have so many ideas for easy to complete projects - and I love the way you highlight other artists and introduce their talents. Thank You! Enjoy your time off!

Just finished Kingdom

Just finished Kingdom ourselves and abslutely loved it - except that we were left completely hanging at the end! Apparently no one is notified that a show is being cancelled untio after the end of season cliff hanger is aired!!

Try Foyle's War for a British

Try Foyle's War for a British Mystery series.

Also, not a mystery series, but I have enjoyed "Call the Midwife" and the 1st season of this show is on Netflix also.

It may not be a mystery, but

It may not be a mystery, but it is a British export and mystery how these ladies survived in the late fifties The series is called "Call the Midwife" Fun.

Ps. I don't know much about

Ps. I don't know much about Netflix , or what is available. On YouTube recently I enjoyed( well, some of it was more harrowing) The Village. A six part series about a young boy telling the story of his fathers farm and the village folk in 1914-18.

Also I found the first of a newAustralian series called dr Blake, set in the 1950's. I can't get any more though,and the DVD is set for Australia only.

The new Father Brown series

The new Father Brown series is rather fun, not too complicated, rather Miss Marple-ish. But you may have to wait for the DVD to come out. Broadchurch has been extremely popular this spring , but I haven't seen it yet...I am awaiting my DVD! It is an uptodate mystery set at the seaside in Dorset.

Do let us know what other suggestions you get! Book wise, I am racing through Robin Paige's Victorian series. I am a bit behind the times with these, but that only means I can read until surfeit! there is a fascinating amount of solid social history in them, along with the Downton Abbeyish upstairs/downstairs mix and the village life, as well as the obligatory murder.

Happy hunting, Pam. Love Gill.

Thanks so much Gill for the

Thanks so much Gill for the suggestions!  I will be looking out for them!  Do prefer the lighter to the darker.  In the middle of Prime Suspect right now and while the acting is absolutely first rate - it can be dark and intense at times.  I watch movies and TV to "get away from it all " not "view it all"!  lol

I am sure anything you suggest, I will enjoy.

I suppose you have seen

I suppose you have seen Foyles War, there are at least 7 series. They are set in Hastings, and not heavy or dark. I have enjoyed most of them, but haven't seen the latest one set after the war. They are all based in England, and are civilian, not military.