Christmas in July: Plastic Canvas Ornaments and Gifts You Will Love Making and Giving!

Plastic Canvas for Christmas

Inspired by projects shared in the Plastic Canvas Blog Hop hosted recently by Sister Diane on Craftypod, the "head elf" in my Christmas in July workshop (that would be me) has been playing with plastic canvas againÂ… making PC Christmas! Check out all the holiday crafty goodness Plastic Canvas Blog Hop participants have inspired!

Plastic Canvas for Christmas

Lorna at Knits for Life shared a tutorial for re-creating those ubiquitous and utterly adorable little paper monster bookmarks using plastic canvas.

I didn't do a thing to change Lorna's design! Can't you imagine them as perfect little stocking stuffers for kids!

I will be using mine to mark pages in my Advent Book Collection.

Now that I think about it - why not gift a child with a little monster bookmark and a brand new book to add to their own Advent reading collection. A perfect way to launch the Advent season.

Two of my favorites to read during the season:  "Make Magic: Do Good" by Clayton Dallas (review here) and "Bugs in a Blanket" by Beatrice Alemagna (order  it here)

Plastic Canvas for Christmas

Carolina at 30 Minute Crafts shared a great "how-to" for quickly and efficiently connecting six little pc squares into a box!! Actually, she used her little boxes to make a pair of earrings! But I immediately saw them as ornaments!! Of course I did!!!

Plastic Canvas for Christmas

In making these little light covers, I pretty much followed Carolina's instructions to the letter - except - I used 7 holes per inch canvas cut to 6x6 hole squares, and at one corner I left space open to insert a LED bulb. (Only insert LED lights into these sweet little light boxes please!)

(Note: a one hole space might be too tight for your bulbs - two hole space may be better.) Experiment!

Plastic Canvas for Christmas

Or, if you prefer, cut your canvas squares a little larger (12 x 12 holes is a good size), use my tutorial for stitching coasters or Diane's tutorial for making squares within squares to create lovely designs on the surface, and then use Caroline's tutorial for stitching the six pretty squares together into a holiday ornament!!

Blue and white for Hanukkah, red and white for St. Lucy Day, lime and pink or red and green for Christmas!

Hang them on the tree or in a window.

Scatter them over a table top, across the mantle or on window sills.  

Place them as guest gifts on each plate at the dinner table. 

Plastic Canvas for Christmas

Claire at The Bellwether and Janet at Nuts About Needlepoint inspired a little adventure into gift tag making!

What I love about these sweet little tags is that they have two sides so once they are removed from the package, they make very pretty tree ornaments! They can be any size and shape you like.

Plastic Canvas for Christmas

Here are the backsides!

I started my adventure with the tall tree design.

And as it happened, while in the middle of stitching trees, I learned about a Merry KAL begun on KnittingSarah and promoted in a little Instagram post by Martine at I Make. Read about it here. Martine also hosts a Kal thread here as part of her IMake Ravelry Group.

I immediately ordered  "55 Christmas Balls to Knit" and am currently working on my first knitted Christmas ball ornament!

Plastic Canvas for Christmas

The authors of "55 Christmas Balls to Knit", Arnie and Carlos, have created designs for 55 gorgeous ornaments based on Scandinavian knitting motifs, and a couple of their designs inspired me to attempt adapting them to plastic canvas - the snowflake and the tree are the results.

And then I was struck by a bolt of braveness and created a Dala horse and a "Shroom" - completely my own designs!!!

I will be happy to share the patterns for Dala , "Shroom" and Tall Tree if there is an interest!! Just let me know!

If you have never given plastic canvas a try, any of the projects linked here are very good projects to try because there is little investment in time or treasure. Great way to decide if plastic canvas is for you!

You might be surprised. I have been one of the biggest plastic canvas snobs on the planet for more years that I am admitting to - and then I agreed to participate in Diane's plastic canvas blog hop (because I love her to pieces) and now I am hooked!!! So - proceed with caution!!

You may soon find yourself making Erin's brilliant Radial Purse!  Or using Jenny Henry's Union Jack Pillow tutorial to make your own pillows! Or stitching Cathy's Eye Glass Case - great gift idea! Or making doll furniture like Amy's clever little Patio Set for that special little girl in your life!

Happy Christmas in July!

I have thoroughly enjoyed the

I have thoroughly enjoyed the Plastic Canvas Hop - I made a ye olde English tudor cottage in 3 pieces (first floor, overhanging second floor, roof) + two chimneys, including the hollyhocks embroidered on the outside, many years ago and loved making it.
I plan on making some of Pam's coasters with my granddaughters of 8 and 6 - they both want to make their teacher a xmas gift this year.
I am very interested in making Pam's horse and tree Christmas tree ornaments too and so would love to have the patterns - please.

great idea's again Pam!!!

great idea's again Pam!!! adorable gifts to make. I like the light of your daughter as well, hummm hard to chose one..XD. I hope you loved your embroidery work, it looks so fun and pretty. well done girl. many dutch hugs and love jet

Would your projects be too

Would your projects be too hard for kids to do? If not, I would love the patterns.

Phyllis, I think your

Phyllis, I think your children should be able to make them quite easily.  I was doing needlepoint when i was about 8 and Diane started pc at about the same age. 

Give me a few days to wrangle the commitments I have on my plate right now and I will send them to you!!

Mwahahahahahaha, I have

Mwahahahahahaha, I have created another PC fan! My work here is done! :-)

Seriously, I love all these projects! What a great modification to Carolina's earring project. And your ornaments are so adorable. So glad to see you having fun with the world's best medium! :-)

And just when I thought I was

And just when I thought I was safe and you had taken me to the final frontier, Diane, you got me hooked on Instagram!  I just can't imagine what you might have planned for me next!!!