Christmas and Winter Holiday Cookies from Around the World

Old world Christmas cookies

Christmas Cookies! Most all of us love to eat Christmas cookies! And many of us make baking Christmas cookies an important part of our holiday celebrations. I am no exception!!! From the day long ago when, for the very first time, my great grandmother allowed me to roll and cut Christmas sugar cookies, I have been, well, nearly obsessed with making - and eating - Christmas cookies!

Once I became a young wife and mother, I discovered that Christmas cookies went way beyond the sugar cut-outs and gingerbread men that were a part of my childhood holidays. As I began collecting cookbooks, I discovered a whole wide world of cookies! And I was determined to try every single one!

My daughter still remembers the December I baked 25 different "old world" Christmas cookies. Some were successful but many were disappointing. And as I have learned over the years, not every cookie appeals to every eager mouth! And not all recipes are created equal! It has taken years to assemble a reliable collection of a few favorites.

So, for new cookie bakers with young families and for the curious, I am creating a collection of winter holiday cookies from around the world. And it is my hope that you will enjoy this collection in the spirit in which it is given - a labor of holiday cookie love!

Marché de Noël Paris

Image taken for me at Marche de Noel in Paris by Fanie Gregoire

This is not a cookie swap or cookie recipe exchange, but rather an exploration of "old world" cookies so special and unique they are reserved only for the winter holidays!

For the most part, I will present one cookie per post beginning now with Christmas in July 2013 and adding one or two kinds of cookie each month throughout the remainder of this year and every month during 2014 - maybe beyond!

At the bottom of this post you will find a collection of thumbnails representing each cookie post. Clicking on any thumbnail will take you right to a post featuring a specific kind of cookie.

For the most part, links to on-line recipes will be provided in each post. The posts are not designed as written recipes or step by step guides to baking cookies. Rather they offer a broader look - information not often included in most recipes: where the cookie originated or it's history; ingredients that make it unique; specialized tools needed (and where to find them); discussion of flavor profile, texture, and shape; ease or difficulty of baking; storability - eat now or store for a few weeks for best flavor and texture; and very important - are they kid friendly!!!

Still clear in my mind are those painful memories of failed or disappointing cookies, so I am only sharing links to cookie recipes I have personally baked. And I will try to share what I learned along the way - how easy the dough was to roll, changes to consider, tips for storingÂ…. I will not share any recipe that did not work out well.

Spice fragrant  old world holiday cookies

You may find the following links helpful:

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And here are some helpful Conversion Charts if needed: 

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And now! The adventure begins! Find a cookie in the collection that interests you and treat your family to a taste of "old world" cookies!

Springerle cookies, love them

Springerle cookies, love them !!!!!

How amazing you are to

How amazing you are to categorize all of this, not to mention share it. Thank you!

So excited about your new

So excited about your new series, Pam!!! Bring on the talk of winter and Christmas and cookie-baking! So much fun!