Snowmen! Nutcrackers! Christmas Balls! Christmas in July Project Progress Report.

Knitted/felted snowman.  Pattern from Marie Mayhew Designs.

Just in case anyone happens to be curious - I have been taking Christmas in July seriously - finishing projects already started and embarking on new crafty adventures! All Christmas preparations!!

My Giant Woolly Snowbaby has been completed! The pattern for the knitted/felted snowbaby is from Marie Mayhew Designs and you can find more details about yarns etc here in my Ravelry project notebook! He is 12" tall and I love every inch!!

I wish you could see the scarf in person - it has been knit is a very sparkly Italian yarn and sparkles just like snowflakes in sunshine! The scarf, hat and embroidery floss - all from stash bits.

Detail - Knitted/felted snowman

My friend Silvia - Madame Renard - inspired me to embroider little snowflakes all over his belly! I love her blue stars embroidered with a"snowflake" patterns. See them here! (Every time she puts these in her shop - they sell out almost immediately!)

A pretty blue star for St. Nicholas

Look what appeared in my mail early this summer! This beautiful ceramic star handmade by Dyhana over at the Dyhanaverse blog. She made several ceramic buttons for her shop but thought this one would be perfect for my St. Nicholas (who has been wanting a little touch of blue on his robes ever since I made him last year). And it IS perfect!

Knitted and crocheted 'shrooms

Two more 'shrooms completed for my winter holiday tree!! The small one is knit from a pattern design found in "75 Birds, butterflies and Beasts to knit and crochet" by Leslie Stanfield, and the larger one is crocheted from a pattern design found on Cult of Crochet - you can find it here

So now I have four 'shrooms completed! If you know of a sweet toadstool pattern - knit, felt, crochet, or sewn - please won't you share the link in comments?

Heart Christmas Ball

A test run knitted Christmas Ball with some stash yarn - using a pattern from "55 Christmas Balls to Knit" by Arnie and Carlos. I spotted one from the Merry Knitalong (#merrykal) on Instagram - posted by Imakeguernsey - fell completely in love - ordered the book - and now I am practicing!! You can join in too or just enjoy all the sweet little Christmas balls - read all about it here on Martine's IMake blog.

I just happen to have some beautiful red and white Dale of Norway yarn for making the "real balls"!

Alan Dart knitted Nutcracker - legs are done!!

Beginning my first Alan Dart pattern!!! (I've ordered a bunch of them, and there are at least three I want to complete by Christmas - so I really need to get started knitting!!!)

I have completed the legs for a Nutcracker and happy to report that I am finding Alan's directions to be excellent and absolutely fun! I heart Alan Dart!

I am using Knit Picks Brava for this project and must say despite all the unkind things I have had to say about working with acrylic yarns, this one is a dream for knitting. Probably crochet too!

Guess i am going to learn lace knitting!

And finally my current "Pamela Brain Challenge" - you know - to keep my brain cells youthful and supple!

I introduced the gorgeous hands-spun yarn from Marie Nutt's Warm Valley Orchard Studio on Orcas Island earlier this summer. And I have been looking and looking for the perfect pattern for the yarn and the quantity I purchased ever since. And finally I found it! A pattern by Tiina Vaatainen on Ravelry here.

And wouldn't you know it - it is written in Finnish! And to make matters even more challenging, now that I have translated the pattern, I find out I need to learn to read a lace chart! Yikes! That is a whole new language!!

If you happen to know of a particularly good tutorial for reading a lace chart, please consider sharing the link in comments.

Once again, Happy Christmas in July! And keep in mind - there are only four "holiday making" months left so if you are planning to make your gifts - best get started!!!

Dang! You've been busy!

Dang! You've been busy!

LOL those knitted xmas balls

LOL those knitted xmas balls made my mother for a good goal. to earn money for aids help. I have had one of her as well in the year 2011.
I have the book and the other book in dutch to knit or crocheting te tiny objects of nature. I have made allready alot out the book.
But not all the leaves or other small finishing things are written down.
So often i must made my own pattern, like the knitted tulips, the main pattern is out the same serie of books but the rest of the pattern is mine.
I have an fun idea for xmas gift as well, but i'm still to busy at the moment with other things-S
You're much smarter. but it's a lovely thought that you have started allready.
Thank you for the links and the sharing and the fun beautiful picts you have taken for us all.
Many dutch hugs of me;-D

Jet, thank YOU!! Wish you

Jet, thank YOU!! Wish you were close by instead of across the ocean when I embark on these crazy adventures of mine?  Your knowledge and expertise would be so helpful.  

Now that you have mentioned it, I could make my own pattern on the balls, right?  The little Dala.  If I can work it out in PC I should be able to do so while knitting!!  Great inspiration!!  Thank you again!!

wow, the snowman is Amazing!

wow, the snowman is Amazing! Love it!
I like your snowflakes... adding them to his belly is a great idea! :)
But, to be honest, my favourite project of this post is the knitted mushroom!!!!

I love them too.  Have since

I love them too.  Have since I was three!!!  Perhaps one day a similar shroom will find it's way to Italy!!!

You've definitely been busy

You've definitely been busy making beautiful things! Thanks so much for sharing your gorgeous snowman (love the colors you chose), your adorable mushrooms, and your WIPs! Sending lots of happy, creative thoughts and big hugs your way! Thanks for sharing with us!

Arielle!  thank YOU for

Arielle!  thank YOU for visiting!!!  And your encouragement.  Your good wishes and big hugs are always welcome.  

Pam, I added to my Marie

Pam, I added to my Marie Mayhew knitting patterns this year with the Matroyska doll pattern. They were just as adorable and fun to knit as were the snowmen. However,
I just love the snowflakes you added to yours. Will have
to make more this year and do the same!!!

Thank you Nancy!  I am so

Thank you Nancy!  I am so glad you liked the snowflake belly!  My poor matryoshka is still waiting for me to finish her.  I am hoping to embroider flowers all over her "skirt" / "apron"  but spreading my self pretty thin these days.  Lucky to get anything done.

However - having said that -  I am in the middle of knitting Marie's pumpkins right now!!!  And you are right - everything she designs is a fun and relaxing knit.  


yay! That button just wanted

yay! That button just wanted to be there. :) The whole doll looks great!

Yes indeed it did!  And I

Yes indeed it did!  And I thank you so so much for thinking of my St. Nicholas ... and me!