Beading Ojos de Dios (God's Eyes)

I've been playing around with this idea of adding beads to a God's eye for a while now.  I used the the reversed weaving technique described in my previous post and then added strings of beads to the "wells".  If you are new to God's eyes or need a refresher, refer to my basic tutorial for weaving God's eyes.

Create the bead 'wells" by weaving 4 or 5 rows of yarn over the top of the sticks counter clockwise, then 4 or 5 rows of yarn under the sticks clockwise. Repeat as many times as desired.

I think these are gorgeous just as they are, but I also like how they look with beads strung in the "wells".

Just for reference, a back view.  It's not often I am willing to show the backside of anything I make!!

Weaving a  "well".

God's eye completed and ready for beading!

Beads may be strung on heavy duty cotton thread, a double strand of standard sewing thread, 6 lb. clear plastic fishing line or even very fine wire.  Beads were added to this God's eye using thread that matched the yarn.  6 lb. fishing line was used on the God's eye at the bottom of the post.

I found that using a needle threaded with the cotton thread or plastic made it very easy to secure the strings of beads to the yarn used to weave the God's eye.

String your beads as shown. Secure the thread to the yarns that are covering the sticks or dowels by sewing a few small stitches into the yarns just as you would tie off a thread when you are finished with a row of stitching. Try to pull your thread as tight as possible so your beads don't sag into the well.

Here is a "3-D" side view of the completed God's eye showing beads in the "wells" and the three dimensional appearance of these God's eyes.

When I weave right up to the end of the dowel, as I have in this piece, I like to secure the yarns with Aileen's tacky glue to prevent them from slipping off the ends. 

I love this little Christmasy God's eye ornament! You can easily see that the possibilities are endless. 

To create the "unwoven" space that appears in the ornament above, wind your yarn a few times around a stick and tie off. Repeat with each of the other sticks, winding the same number of times around each one. Then begin weaving again.  I placed my "unwoven space" at the outside of the God's eye and used only one row of yarn to set it off.  But you might prefer to create a space right in the middle of your God's eye.  Or maybe two or three spaces.  You could even string beads in the spaces!

Again, if you are interested in learning that reverse weave, you will find it in this post in which I share how to use God's Eyes as little frames for natural found objects!

And you might be inpired by my "Enchanted God's Eye" created with hand spun yarns rescued from the thrift!

If you happen to be here because you enjoy playing with yarn - you might also have fun Weaving Yarn Stars!

The God's Eyes are lovely!

The God's Eyes are lovely!

Thanks for this lovely post

Thanks for this lovely post and great idea for beading a God's Eye weaving!!!! I've been making two God's Eye quilts and am just now writing a blog post about it. I will include a link to your post here.

I love this idea for God's

I love this idea for God's Eyes! I have never loved these crafts until now!

Pam, this is so pretty. What

Pam, this is so pretty. What a great technique. Don't you love the way it shines up the god's eye? Wouldn't a God's eye pendant be nice? I don't know if you can make them little enough to be a pendant. They are really pretty, though.

I get the feeling that the 'backs' of all your projects look just as neat as the fronts!

Another beautiful

Another beautiful interpretation of how to do these God's Eyes ornaments. You keep coming up with all these great ideas!! I love the odd mix 'n'match sizes and colours of beads. Really, these are wonderful!

I am absolutely amazed at

I am absolutely amazed at what a difference those beads make! They look awesome! You have such a knack for taking something creative and making it magnificent!!

Ok Pam you truly are the

Ok Pam you truly are the Queen of God's Eyes. Amazing! I'm doing a conference in November for Elementary School teachers and would love to have your permission to show them the possiblities of a God's Eye (all referenced and linked back to you of course!)a perfect addition to the weaving unit as are your previous weaving posts.
My daughter is going to flip out when she sees these!
You are terrific!