Check Out My Christmas Present! And Find Out How You Can Make One Just Like It!


I seem to have accumulated a bit of a collection of cool things I want to share - mostly about other crafters! Rather than share it all in one big post, over the next couple weeks I am sprinkling these short little "share posts" in among my bigger "regularly scheduled" posts! And I am starting with this very cool Reverse Applique Pillow made by Sister Diane over at Craftypod!

I understand that this gorgeous pillow will eventually find it's way under my Christmas Tree! But in the meantime, it will be appearing in the starring roll in Diane's brand new LIVE Reverse Applique Pillows Applique Webinar which will air this coming Friday, August 16th at 12:00 noon EST!

Register for the class here on Sew Daily! Time is running out for registration!

The class is only $20.00 and the best part is that, once you register, if you can not actually make it to the live performance, the Sew Daily team will automatically send you a link to the class and Diane's pattern to enjoy when you DO have time!

I can't wait to find out how Diane has managed to achieve those perfect curves using reverse applique. As I understand it she will be sharing some "nifty" tricks to make the whole process easier than you imagine!

Read more about the class here, and again, you can sign up right here!

I will be right up front in the first row! Hope you will be joining me!

aaw this is cool and

aaw this is cool and beautiful, i have learned this technic as well. After one i have stopped to make more. but it looks still great.
and i love your colour aragement and the design.
well done girl.
aaw so sweet to give us the link to your daughter lessons.
like an d love you for that.
many dutch hugs

I will be sure to give you an

I will be sure to give you an "A"! :-) Thank you for posting, Mom. See you tomorrow (virtually, that is).