Belated Reveal: Christmas in July Italian Shopping Spree Winner's Selections!


A favorite flower from my garden for a lovely and talented woman: Roberta Nordio.

Roberta lives in Padua, Italy, is a member of the Etsy Italia Team and offers her beautiful artisan glass beads and handmade aluminum jewelry in her Etsy shop "Amabito" - which you can visit right here!

And I suggest you do visit! Roberta's jewelry is unique and beautiful and her prices are very fair. And trust me, shipping for a piece of jewelry from Italy, even across the big blue sea, is not much at all!

It occurred to me that after I selected a winner of the Christmas in July Etsy Italia Shopping Spree and the winner made her selections, I never shared what items were selected! And I have actually had several curious readers write and ask!

Sorry everyone. Of course you want to see what our shopping spree winner found while shopping in Italy!! The items selected are no longer in the shop but I did take a couple screen captures before ordering on behalf of the winner, and with Roberta's kind permission I am sharing them here.

Green dot earrings

"Lime glass stud earrings"

pounded loop earrings

"Geometric blue earrings"

Our winner, Nadine, has received her new Italian handmade earrings and wrote me to let me know that -"They are wonderful" - and that she was surprised at how quickly they arrived.

I have been surprised myself at how everything shipped to me or my shopping spree winners always arrives so quickly.

Presepe Hand made in Italy and shared by EtsyItalia Team

If you visited last December, you might remember Roberta's nativity which she (along with many other Etsy Italia Team members) so generously shared here in a Christmas Post of beautiful Presepi (Nativities) from Italy - all handmade and treasured parts of the each owner's Christmas season.


And this unusual and very cool Teddy Bear sunflower from my garden is for the Etsy Italia Team!

May I suggest, if you are looking for something unique and beautiful for a gift for a friend or family member, you keep Etsy Italia in mind!!! You will have your gift in your hands in about 10 days or less and most likely the recipient won't have anything like it!!!

Here is the link to the Etsy Italia blog on which you will find featured artists and turorials; or you can seek out the shops featured here on the Etsy Italia site; OR visit the 'nativity" post and link to the participant's shops from there; OR visit the shops that were featured in the shopping spree - links here!

A big heart felt thank you to all the Etsy Italia Shop owners who participated in the Shopping Spree and also to all of the lovely readers who entered to win a chance to go shopping in Italy!

thank you Pam for this lovely

thank you Pam for this lovely link , i'm sure i'll take a look at the shop
And such a beautiful picture of your sunflower.
Have a nice fun weekend my friend
many dutch hugs of me