Mini Tips and Tuts: Reusing Pillows Already Living at Your House

Simple re-use!  Why buy more pillows!

It suddenly occurred to me while I was preparing to visit my local craft store to purchase a pillow form for the sun painted fabric pillow that I have altogether too many pillows sitting around - many unused most of the year (holiday pillows). Why not simply create a slip case type cover and pull one of those pillows out of storage!

By reusing pillows I already own, I am saving between $15.00 and $20.00 per pillow and reducing the number of pillows I have stored in the closet!!

Simple re-use!  Why buy more pillows!

And even better! It takes about 5 minutes to make this style of pillow cover. With right sides together, stitch three sides. Turn and press and shirt tail hem the edge at the opening.

As you can see above, once my pillow cover is completed, I slip a "stash" pillow inside and fold the open edge envelope style.

I suppose, if you like you could add a bit of velcro, but since these are not "sitting" cushions, this closure works perfectly in my house.

I have two more "fern pillows" planned using the remainder of the fabric left over from making the Haphazard Chevron Pillow; and now, when I plan the over all size of each pillow, I will size it to a pillow in my closet!!! More money and space saved!

Read more about the sun painted fern fabric and Making the Haphazard Chevron Pillow from the brand new book "Quilting Happiness" right here!

I saw this on Flickr and was

I saw this on Flickr and was IN LOVE. And it's an awesome idea. We have lots of small throw pillows for the patio, although we don't have them in our home. The faded out patio pillows would look fantastic with sun-painted covers!

I have Quilting Happiness, and chevrons are so challenging, but they have made it sound danger-free!

What an original and money

What an original and money saving idea! I don't have spare pillows around but I see ugly pillows being sold at close out stores all the time. I can buy those and use them as the form for a brand new pillow that looks good.

Thanks for the tip!