PDF: Patterns For Plastic Canvas Dala, Mushroom and Tree Gift Tag/Ornaments

Dala Horse Plastic Canvas gift tag/tree ornament

Having received requests from several readers for plastic canvas stitch diagrams for Dala, 'Shroom and Tree, (original post here) I decided to create a little PDF. You will find it attached to the end of this post.

Mushroom Plastic Canvas gift tag/tree ornament

I am actually working on some designs to stitch in blue and white for St. Nicholas Day and will share them AND the stitch diagrams in November.


Click here for the PDF for Plastic Canvas Gift Tags!

I love these!! I found a

I love these!! I found a stash of plastic canvas at the thrift shop and have been looking for the perfect project.

OH KJ I am so glad to hear

OH KJ I am so glad to hear they will be used!!  

That's an excellent pattern,

That's an excellent pattern, Mom! You're quite the Pages wizard now. I love these little PC ornaments so much! What a great project to do with the family.

Thank you Diane!!  Thankis to

Thank you Diane!!  Thankis to you and all the talented women who participated in the Plastic Canvas blog Hop this past summer, I am off on a new crafty adventure!!

aaw thank you Pam for your

aaw thank you Pam for your pdf patern and the sharing of your fun tags.
and such a beautiful autumn header that you have made for this autumn.
very lovely.
i had thought after such a long periode of a a good summer periode it will be later on autumn but it started on monday, i like that as well.
the spiders and the changing of colours of the leaves on the trees.
What would a girl wanted more?
Perhaps i'm too easily satisfied.LOL
i hope your autumn will be a good one.
many dutch hugs of me

Thank you Jet!  But i can't

Thank you Jet!  But i can't take credit for the header.  I select the images but my sweet daughter is responsible for putting it all together for me.  It is also very helpful to have her Graphic Designer trained eyes on the design!

Spiders!  You look forward to the spiders???