Veggies in pots?

Everything we grow in our garden must be grown in containers and for many years our containers have been planted with flowers.  This year, we are experimenting to see what, besides tomatoes and herbs, we can successfully grow in containers.

Even if you have limited space - just a small patio or balcony - as long as there is sunshine and a little fertalizer, you should be able to grow a few veggies in containers.

Tomatoes always do well in containers - ours are already over 5' tall and full of the promise of a great crop!  We always get a cherry variety called "Sun Gold" as it is a very reliable producer and the tomatoes are delicious.

Anaheim peppers also do surprisingly well in pots.  I usually get two crops before frost.  Two plantswill yield about 12 peppers at each harvest.

Right next to the peppers - my "Tabbouleh" garden!  Mint and Italian parsley grow like weeds and I have already cut enough from this one little pot to make three big batches of Tabbouleh.  I planted the little seedlings just four weeks ago!

Greek oregano is a must and another vigorous grower! We grow it in a little flower box Kirby built and enjoy fresh Greek dressing all summer. This recipe is closest to the one I make, but use fresh Greek oregano instead of dried.  The recipe I use is from Pappas Art of Traditional Greek Cooking, a cook book I dearly love and highly recommend to anyone seeking to learn to cook Greek food. 

Rosemary? Always.  I love how beautiful it looks in the garden, and the fragrance, and the focaccia bread I make in the fall.

And, yes, that IS a blueberry bush growing in the big pot on the left. 

Kirby gets a quart or more off this bush every year! 

Potatoes?  Actually it is surprising how well they do in a container.  Use a fairly big pot so you get a good crop!  K planted a sprouting member of the "old forgotten potato gang" and just look at what a beautiful plant grew up from that sprout!  He tried this several years ago and we had the best potatoes ever!

And that really IS corn growing in that little pot next to the potatoes!  Apparently squirrels hid kernels in this pot last fall and - well - Kirby just will not dispose of any plant that is growing.  If we actually get an ear of corn out of this - you will be the first to know!! I'm not holding my breath - but - I've learned not to bet against K's green thumb! 

We rescued these from the $.99 table a few days ago.  Lovely Italian peppers to roast, summer squash, garlic chives and Cuban oregano.  We haven't ever used Cuban oregano as a seasoning, but it is a gorgeous plant and can be brought in as a house plant in winter.

Feast your eyes on our not so successful strawberries! 

And finally, a small patch of soil our neighbor has shared with us. We have planted cucumbers, butternut squash and pumpkins.  We'll see how they do growing in heavy clay soil completely riddled with gophers and moles.  May have to go the container route next year!

But so far so good!  My first cucumber blossom.  Wouldn't if be fun if we grew so many our neighbors hide from us when they see us walking up to the door with our arms full of cucumbers? 


This is a fantastic idea!

This is a fantastic idea! Your plants all look so healthy and such a nice variety too. Don't you just love all the fresh veggies/herbs that you get from these plants? It's such a good feeling too knowing that you grew them. Love this.

Pam, these are truly amazing.

Pam, these are truly amazing. Those blueberries! The blueberries from the market in L.A. just aren't the same animal. Container gardens are wonderful. We transferred our tomatoes to the ground, however, and they are taking over the whole side of our garage! YAY!

tabbouleh is one of the best things in the world. I mean, if asked, you tell them.

Pam, your garden looks

Pam, your garden looks terrific! I'll have to try some of those veggies in pots ideas. I used to live close to a woman named Lois Hole who was famous for her gardening. She always planted her potatoes in pots...she had some special ones that would allow you access to the potatoes so you could harvest throughout the season.
Thanks again for the wonderful views!

hey Pam, if you google

hey Pam, if you google 'square foot gardening' and/or 'permaculture' you'll get lots of info on how to grow just about anything in little space, and organically too if you want it that way. I used to be OBSESSED with this stuff... can'twait to see how you do. xo

Thank you, Hope!  I had

Thank you, Hope!  I had completely forgotten about "square foot gardening". A couple people mentioned it to me last year, and I just never got around to checking it out!  Great reminder!  Again, thanks so much for sharing so everyone can check it out too!.

Thank you for your comment

Thank you for your comment and questions, Misty. 

The blueberry plant is now about 10 years old!  It came from a plant nursery as a 2' berry bush.  Plant blueberries in a large, deep pot.  Since blueberries are cultivated in this climate, we have never brought ours inside during the winter.  If you live where it is normal to have really harsh winters, you might want to consider moving the plant to a protected area and maybe wrap the pot in bubble wrap to give it a little more protection. 

I don't know anything about late harvest veggies.  Usually those veggies that are ready for harvest in the fall have a long growing season.  We always plant in spring or early summer.  I wish I could be more helpful, but my best advice would be to spend August and the fall getting your garden areas laid out and the soil prepared for next year.

I'm still new to container

I'm still new to container gardening and I am really excited to learn that you can grow blueberries in a pot! Can you tell me more about it? Do you have to bring your pot in during the winter? Did you buy it as a plant from a greenhouse or did you have seeds?

So far, we've only grown herbs because we have a relatively shady balcony, but we'll be moving to a house with full sun in a month and I'm looking forward to what we can plant yet this year in August and next spring. Do you plant any late summer vegetables in containers?

You certainly make it look

You certainly make it look inviting and easy. We do a few plants in pots and good thing DH watches over them because I keep forgetting to water them lol.

Beautiful photos of everything, as always.