Mini Tips and Tuts: Fluffing Up Flattened Yoyos

Fluffing up flat yoyos

After a year in "wip storage" the little yo-yos on my "yoyo pillow" had become flat as a pancake - and NOT pretty. I came up with a little trick to restore them to their puffy fluffy pre-storage selves!

(I did not take a picture of them before fluffing - sorry. I wasn't planning to share this but my daughter has strongly suggested I should! So you will have to trust me - they really didn't look pretty.)

You will need two tools: a pair of locking clamps (known as hemostats in stuffed toy making circles) and steam. Locking clamps help you avoid burnt fingers and the steam eases out the crease.

Fluffing up flat yoyos

Using the clamps, simply lift and separate and fluff one edge of your yoyo and while holding the fluffed edge in place, steam the crease out. Release the fabric and move on to another part of the creased edge.

To avoid the possibility of steam iron sputters, I always, always turn to my Steamstress II. I don't know why these wonderful tools are no longer manufactured. They were perfect for seamstresses working with fabrics that should never, ever be pressed with a hot steam iron - fine wool and velvet - and are perfect for steaming small knitted projects.

They can be found on e-bay and if you are lucky enough to find one - snag it!!! The sole plate never gets hot but the iron delivers steam right where it is needed. And in all these years - never a sputter!

And about those locking clamps - if you will visit your local hardware (or my sweetie's favorite place to buy tools - Harbor Freight) you can find locking clamps for much less than you will pay for hemostats in craft shops. And they are basically the same thing!

wooow this is a great

wooow this is a great brilliant smart idea , i don't really understand what you meanted by locking clamps but... i think my hardware store can help me out.
Yes i know all that tools you can buy of clover, it's not durable for the time i will spend with using them, and... it's expensive.
so i'm a great fan of other tools that are much expensivly and durable then those others.
i was allready a fan of yours but now.... i'm much more a fan.
awesome idea , thank you soooooo much for the sharing my dear Pam
hey enjoy the autumn.
and have an inspirational week
many dutch hugs of me

Great tip! I love my

Great tip! I love my steamer, but i'm going to go look for one of these on eBay...or maybe I will get lucky with Goodwill.

Great thought Christina!!

Great thought Christina!!  Never thought of a thrift shop!  I'll keep my eyes open for a couple - one for you and one for Diane!!!

Oh Diane!  Never thought of

Oh Diane!  Never thought of using this technique for reviving Kanzashi!  But it would work beautifully, wouldn't it!  

I'm so glad you shared this -

I'm so glad you shared this - a great technique for yo-yos, Kanzashi, ruffles, all kinds of things!