Link Love: 5 Go-To blog Posts I Refer to Again and Again

photo zentangle

This week's Link Love theme is "5 Go-To Blog Posts You Refer to Again and Again" and as full as my belong post calendar is in September, I could not resist squeezing this one in!!

I am keeping things short and sweet here however!! Very little time for post writing this morning!

But if you are into hex making, felting, soft toy construction or crochet - then you absolutely owe it to yourself to visit these five posts!

Making Felted Balls by Painted Threads (link here)

Elements of Soft toy Design: Gussets by While She Naps (link here)

Hex Therapy by Nini Makes - more than just a tutorial - some great tips and links (Link here)

How to make a Magic Ring in Crochet by Planet June (link here)

Wet Felting by Hand - A great video on Vimeo by Duo Fiberworks (link here)

aaw thank you for making the

aaw thank you for making the time to share the great links.
Love them.
Have a nice day, many hugs of me