How to Make Fresh Corn Husk Witches and Scarecrows for Party Favors or Puppet Shows


Adding a bit of "hair" and a hat to my little fresh corn husk ghosts is a quick and easy peazy way to turn them into witches or scarecrows! Making them was a hugely popular activity at the kid's craft table at the Pumpkin Patch Harvest Festival this year - Witches being the favorite - 5 to 1!!

The witches and scarecrows are inexpensive and very quick to assemble. Perfect activity/take home gift for Halloween and Fall themed kid's parties.

A cute little hat is all that is needed besides fresh corn and a bit of dental floss (both available in most households - especially in summer and fall). And if no hat is available - a scarf can be cut from a bit of scrap fabric!


The "ghost" on the left before becoming a "scarecrow"!

Making takes just minutes! Using fresh corn husks, follow the instructions here in this tutorial, tie on a big old glob of corn silk hair - the wilder and more unruly the better - and use a hot glue gun to attach a hat!

Don't have a glue gun? Thread a long doll making needle with a 16" long piece of dental floss and run the floss down through the hat on one side of the head, through the fold at the top of the head and back up through the hat. Pull the hat snug against the corn husk head and tie a secure knot at the back of the hat!

Kids seem to prefer their witches and scarecrows mounted on a straw or dowel or bamboo skewer (point removed) so they are almost puppet like! 

Have fun!

I love these! Thanks for

I love these! Thanks for sharing. : )

Love them! And I adore your

Love them! And I adore your stylish photo with the black background.