Beautiful Embroideries to Celebrate Michaelmas Season

Michaelmas Daisies for Michaelmas Day!

Popping in for a minute (between coughs and sneezes) to wish you, one and all, a Happy Michaelmas Season with a glimpse of my pretty Michaelmas Daisies in full bloom and a bitter sweet goodbye to summer with the help of two gorgeous embroideries I am eager to share!

Michaelmas Season and Michaelmas Day are set aside to say goodbye to summer and to prepare for the coming winter - asking St. Michael for protection through the coming difficult months of darkness and cold. But oh how I am sorry to see summer leave us so quickly, even if fall is definitely one of my four favorite seasons!

To say goodbye to summer in the prettiest way possible, with permission, I am sharing with you two absolutely stunning embroideries to remind us one final time of summertime and butterflies and flowers.

Both embroideries were completed by Dawn Kamper, a reader who has become a friend. Dawn, busy mother of two beautiful young sons and wife of a handsome man, has recently discovered her obvious passion and talent for embroidery. You might remember her absolutely delightful and playful version of the Dutch Canal Houses.

It has been a thrill for me that Dawn has shared her journey of discovery with me if for no other reason than I have had the opportunity of seeing what her obvious gift for embroidery and her fresh and playful eye bring to the craft. And now I get to share with you!!!

Dawn's Gorgeous butterfly

Dawn's Butterfly! Perhaps better defined as a French Knot Butterfly Sampler! The embroidery is about 5 inches across and Dawn shared that she started by drawing the outline, then stitching all the black and finally filling in with color. She has inspired me to move from tin to thread and stitch instead of punch butterflies in 2014!

Dawn's gorgeous flower heart!

And this heart shaped flower sampler! Just love it to pieces! I get as lost in thought and contentment visually wandering in Dawn's flower garden as I do wandering in my real garden! Pop over to Flickr to view it larger and get lost yourself!

Thank you Dawn for allowing me to share your beautiful embroidery creations!

Happy Michaelmas Season!

beautiful and lovely

beautiful and lovely embrodery you 've shared with us.
love it. I'm more a free style embrodery girl so this is really my taste as well.;-D
Thank you for the sharing Pam.
XO jet

Oh, wow! Love her beautiful

Oh, wow! Love her beautiful embroidery too, super sweet and inspirational. Thanks for sharing!

oh, that butterfly!!! A

oh, that butterfly!!!
A masterpiece. Love love love it!

Beautiful embroidery and

Beautiful embroidery and those purple flowers are WOW!!