To The Point Book Review: "Stitched Blooms" by Carina Envoldsen-Harris

Sharing "Stitched Blooms" by Carina Envoldsen-Harris

Stitched Blooms by Carina Envolsen-Harris is here!!! And no doubt most of you already know that because there has been a spat of book reviews showing up lately! I am linking to a few at the end of this post.

Truth be told, there isn't much to add, and I am pretty darn certain most of you are not interested in reading yet another review! So to spare you, I am going to get right to the heart of the matter - why this book should be in your crafty library!

Sharing "Stitched Blooms" by Carina Envoldsen-Harris

Right from the minute you open the book, every page is unmistakably "Carina" - her talent, her style, her joie de vivre! If you are already a fan - order a copy! You can't help but love it!

Sharing "Stitched Blooms" by Carina Envoldsen-Harris

And if you are not familiar with Carina but are new to embroidery and interested in learning  - order a copy!!

Because this book is one of those books that comes along all too infrequently - a book that gives the reader the basic know-how and tools to stitch pretty things and then provides inspiration and guidance to move beyond the book projects and create lovely embroidered items that are unique and personal. Personally, I see this as the true and lasting value of Stitched Blooms.

Sharing "Stitched Blooms" by Carina Envoldsen-Harris

The book is basically divided into three sections: stitchery basics (including color theory, making knots disappear, pattern transfer techniques and stitch glossary); projects (20 very easy projects); and motifs (300 motifs to be exact!).

Carina is a natural born teacher and covers the tools and techniques needed to begin stitching with her signature clarity and thoroughness; however, it is the motifs I personally appreciate the most - because I am not able to draw very well, but I can combine and mix and match Carina's flower, leaf and woodland designs and create my very own borders, stitcheries or garments! And all 300 motifs are provided on a CD at the back of the book so they can be further manipulated in the computer! Possibilities are endless!

Sharing "Stitched Blooms" by Carina Envoldsen-Harris

How many of you who know me well guessed which project I would make first!!!

Sharing "Stitched Blooms" by Carina Envoldsen-Harris

You are right! Dala! But just to prove the versatility of the projects in Stitched Blooms, I made an ornament size Dala using the pattern diagram right in the book. (And... I wasted no time once completed in hanging him on my Fiesta Tree.)  

Ever since iHanna shared images of a Swedish Dala factory in which beautiful white Dalas stood shoulder to shoulder on factory shelves, I have been wanting to add a white Dala to my collection. And, now I have!

I had to alter the embroidery stitching somewhat to accommodate the small size and the rather heavy wool floss I used; but as is always the case - just as with a blog tutorial or an e-book - Carina's instructions and guidance are perfect.

I have three more projects planned - all modifications of Carina's projects or using her motifs in a completely different way! I will be sure to share as they are completed!

Read more about the book here on the "Stitched Blooms" web site; read reviews on Craftypod here, Wild Olive here, and iHanna here.

And order your very own copy here!

Hi Pam, wooow this is

Hi Pam, wooow this is gorgious, i love the how the book looks, the beautiful picts and well design patterns.
You must be proud of your daughter!!!!;-D
I'm glad that she and the other designers had finished it.
I still love your Dala Horse,
It's a great review you wrote. thank you for the sharing!
many dutch hugs

Your information about this

Your information about this book makes me want to embroider again. Your white Dala is so pretty! I saw the blue one on your Flickr, but the white one is (don't tell anyone) my preference!

Thank you Chris!!!

Thank you Chris!!!  Originally I envisioned the embroidery to be a bit more delicate, but I am warming up to him!!!

Carina is so creative and I

Carina is so creative and I love her style! I'm thrilled she has a book out! Thanks for sharing your review, Pam! :)

You are so welcome, Kathryn!

You are so welcome, Kathryn!  Know you are a big Carina fan.  So many Scandi influenced motifs and designs for stitchers like you and me!!!  She shares a pair of what she calls "Scandinavian Snö Mittens" - but I see them as inspiration for oven mitts hanging in  a certain Scandinavian kitchen!!!!

I appreciate Stitched Blooms

I appreciate Stitched Blooms even more every time i look at it, Arielle!!!  Carina offers projects that are within the reach of beginning stitchers and then provides inspiration and a multitude of motif possibilities once they are ready to stitch something more personal.

Your Dala Horse ornament

Your Dala Horse ornament turned out so sweet! I love the idea that you can build from/modify Carina's ideas to create all sorts of wonderful projects! So much fun!
Big hugs,