Mini Tips and Tuts: Protecting Hands from HOT Water While Felting by Hand (and an Excellent Wet Felting Video)

Harvest Pumpkins - pattern by Marie Mayhew Designs

I have been wet felting small projects lately - lots of them! These Harvest Pumpkins and the Matilda Witch version of the Woolly Gnome pattern by Marie Mayhew Designs... and a few things I can't share till AFTER Christmas.

Woolly Owl - pattern by Marie Mayhew Designs

Actually, I thoroughly enjoy the process of wet felting by hand - especially small projects like this tiny owl (also by Marie Mayhew Designs.)

But very hot water is needed for success and that can be hard on hands.

(Unlike Katie Startzman, who taught me how to wet felt in the first place, I do not have hands that can endure 212 degree water!!!)

A little trick i learned for protecting hands while felting.

So I came up with a great way to protect my hands from hot, hot water. I slip on a pair of those inexpensive glove liners available at every check-out stand in America, and then slip a pair of disposable gloves right over the glove liners.

The wool glove liners insulate the hands from the heat and the disposable gloves keep hands and liners dry.

Works great! Try it!

"The Knitted slipper Book" by Katie Startzman

Speaking of wet felting - The Knitted Slipper Book by Katie Startzman has officially arrived on book shelves everywhere and the internet is abuzz with reviews.

I have been eagerly awaiting my copy from Abrams Books - and have already selected the first two pairs of slippers (one for Diane and one for me). Yarn has been ordered and will arrive any day.

Monday when I review Katie's fabulous new book, I will reveal which slippers I will be making first. Progress photos will appear on Instagram.

But don't wait for the review! Order your own copy here. And be sure to take a look at all the support videos Katie has created for those of us making slippers using patterns in The Knitted Slipper Book.

My favorite - "How to Hand Felt". It is hands down the best video out there for hand felting.

You don't have the slightest interest in felting? Watch the video anyway!  Trust me - even if you are having a bad day, you will find yourself sitting there with a big happy grin on your face.  

Katie and her husband Michael have created the happiest instructional videos ever.

And don't miss - repeat DON'T MISS - the adorable, charming heart warming book trailer. You will find the link here. It is well worth investing the time to watch.

It's officially fall and Christmas is right around the corner. Time to get busy knitting and felting slippers and gifts for holiday giving.

I'm just sayin'

Ooooh, the owl is so cute!!

Ooooh, the owl is so cute!! Love it!

I was really into wet felting for awhile... my handmade soap, making felted beads, hats and things but it was murder on my hands so I quit. I have bins and bins of gorgeous roving, so I'm definitely going to try this!
Thanks for sharing the tip, you clever girl! :)