Book Review: "The Knitted Slipper Book" by Katie Startzman

"The Knitted slipper Book" by Katie Startzman

I live in slippers! I adore slippers! And now thanks to Katie Startzman and her brilliant brand new just released - The Knitted Slipper Book - I can make my own comfy, cozy, cushy, snuggly, warm, Â… and very personal slippers! As many pair as I want, whenever I want!

Katie mentions in the introduction that slippers can be knitted in a weekend - so I am thinking all you football fans out there can knit slippers while watching TV every weekend; and by the time the season is over, you will have holiday gifts ready to wrap!


Before you read any further, take a minute to click above and treat yourself to this sweet little video designed to introduce you to The Knitted Slipper Book. Guaranteed to brighten your day and put a smile on your lips.

Lamb's Pride - favorite yarn for knitted and felted hats, bags, slippers and toys

I am making Diane a pair for Christmas! And a pair for myself as well. The yarn has been purchased and now all I need to do is cast on! I will be posting my progress on Instagram and occasionally here on the blog!

Image taken from "The Knitted Slipper book" by Katie Startzman

Diane selected the Trim Clogs.

Image taken from "The Knitted Slipper book" by Katie Startzman

And I have chosen the Woolly Welles.

Image collage taken from images in "The Knitted slipper book" by Katie Saltzman

But I am thinking I am also going to need a pair of each of these really bad!! How does a slipper girl like me settle for just one pair of slippers? And most likely Diane will be wanting at least one more pair.

You might notice that almost every slipper I have chosen to make is knitted and felted. Katie mentions in the introduction that she was "transfixed by the alchemical transformation of loose, floppy knitting into firm, durable, sculptural shapes". Once introduced to knitting and hand felting, I had a similar reaction - it was true love at first felt!

Project indes - The Knitted slipper book by Katie Startzman

Look at this index page!!! There are 30 different slipper designs - for guys, girls and kids! From cute dainty Mary Janes for that precious little girl in your life to big manly boot style slippers - some simply knitted and others knitted and felted. And nothing complicated or difficult - anyone familiar with very basic knitting skills can successfully make a pair of slippers.

And just so you know - your knitting does not have to be all that brilliant if you are planning to felt - because felting hides flaws beautifully! I know from experience.

Image taken from "The Knitted Slipper book" by Katie Startzman

Katie is all about empowering readers - arming them with the techniques and know-how needed to complete any of her slipper projects.

The Knitted Slipper Book provides step by step illustrated instructions for creating a beautiful pair of slippers - slippers destined to be loved. (In fact, Katie even offers suggestions for repairing those slippers that are loved so much they - well - show signs of being well loved!!)

Techniques needed to create lovely, well crafted slippers are all included - felting, shaping, lining, sole making, and embellishing - pom poms, fringe, tassels and needle felting. About the only thing not covered in this book is how to knit! But there is a chapter covering special knitting techniques needed and of course a key to abbreviations.

To further enhance the learning process, Katie and her husband Michael have produced a series of brilliant, enjoyable and mood-lifting "how-to" videos to support the book. Find them right here.

Want to actually watch Katie felt a pair of slippers? Pop over here!!! It is first on the list. Seriously, I sat through this entire video with a big ole grin on my face.

Image taken from "The Knitted Slipper book" by Katie Startzman

You can order The Knitted Slipper Book right here. And read more about the book here.

Follow Katie and her sister Laura on their blog, and be sure to visit Katie's pattern shop and stop in and visit on Ravelry

I love this book! You will too. And so will Mom, and Grandma! A perfect gift for every knitter on your Holiday gift list.

I love all the slippers

I love all the slippers pictured. Now I just have to learn to knit! Loved the video too!!!

I highly recommend it -

I highly recommend it - learning to knit!!  I am into my first slipper and already having fun watching the slipper take shape!  And thinking of Diane padding around between computer and craft table with nice warm feet!!!We have both admired and followed Katie for a long time so it is only fitting we should be wearing slippers designed by her hand!!

Yay! So excited for Katie and

Yay! So excited for Katie and her new book. (AND my forthcoming slippers!)

I am excited about Katie's

I am excited about Katie's new book as well!  She has truely done a brilliant job with this book. I candefinitely say that you will most likely wind up with more than one pair of Katie's slippers!!!