Knitted, Crocheted. Felted Christmas Mushroom Tree Ornaments!


The little 'shroom' tree ornament project begun earlier this year is completed! At least until I find another pattern I can not resist!

My earliest memories of Christmas include little red and white "Raggedy Ann" mushrooms dangling from the Christmas tree branches - twinkling in the shimmering glow of bubble lights. And although I have managed to find a few glass 'shroom' ornaments over the years, I definitely wanted more "Raggedy Ann 'shrooms" on my tree!! Thanks to several brilliant designers I have 8 lovely fiber versions to hang this year!

Crocheted Mushrooms

Four Crocheted Mushrooms - clockwise from upper left:

1. Amigurumi Mushroom by "Little Things Blogged" - a free pattern here on Ravelry. Found via Creative Jewish Mom who loved it as much as I do!!

2. Crocheted Mushroom (version 1) by orangeflowerpatterns. Also a free Ravelry download here.  A quick and satisfying project. And as you can see - cute as a button!!!

3. Mushroom and toadstool pattern found in "The Complete Idiots Guide to Amigurumi Crochet" by PlanetJune - read more here.  As with all June's Amigurumi, this pattern was a pure pleasure to crocchet!

4. Seamless Toadstool by Cult of Crochet and available for £1.00 GPS on Ravelry here.  Love the added details in the gills on the underside.

Knitted Mushroom

5. Fly Agaric designed by: Leslie Stanfield and included in her book :"75 Birds, Butterflies and little beasts to knit and crochet". Order a copy here! The shape is so so similar to those on the trees of my childhood!

Felted Mushrooms

6. Needle felted cluster made using a kit and instructions purchased from the Magic Onions. You can order a kit of your own right here in the beautiful Magic Onions Shop! Donni's Mushrooms were my very first needle felted project and deserve a place of honor on the tree!

7. On the right - a knitted and wet felted mushroom designed by Marie Mayhew Designs. It is included in the pattern for Marie's brilliant Woolly Gnome and can be ordered here .  BTW - the 'shroom is so cleverly designed there is no need for stuffing!!!


8. And finally - this little unplanned serendipitous bit of fun!!! A marriage between my Christmas 'shrooms' project and Knitted Christmas Balls designed by Arne and Carlos. I have been participating in the MerryKal conceived by Knitting Sarah and hosted on IMake. I can't begin to tell you how much fun I have had these past three or four months learning to knit beautiful Scandinavian influenced designs onto sweet little Christmas Balls. I will be sharing my whole collection soon!


For now, i am sharing this little 'shroom' ball! The designs for the five 'shrooms' on this ball are mine and were possible only because Arne and Carlos encouraged my Muse with their "design your own motif" chart in the back of their book "55 Christmas Balls to Knit". If you love to knit - buy a copy here

Trust me, once you practice the ball pattern a couple times, making Christmas balls becomes addictive - which is good! You will have lots to give to friends and relatives at Christmas!!!

Thank you to all the designers linked above for sharing your talent and designs. I can not wait to start decorating!!!

I would love to have the

I would love to have the directions for the knitted mushroom and mushroom ball ornament. I do not have a cell phone. Is it possible to obtain these? Thanks!

Rita.  Actually links to the

Rita.  Actually links to the patterns are included on the blog post  - all except the knitted ball because the instructions for knitting the ball are from Arne and Carlos's book as noted  The patterns for the shrooms are my own but haven't been made available as yet.But it is very easy to draw your own designs on graphpaper.

I am loving mushroom art

I am loving mushroom art right now. LOVE!
I will tag you one the IG feed of someone who is doing crazy things with mushrooms!

(No, not crazy with SHROOMS... that's a whole other thing.)

Hi Pam aaaw they are cute, i

Hi Pam
aaaw they are cute, i love the knitted tree ornaments with the mushrooms .
well done girl!!!
the normal are cute as well, pff you have made alot in so less time.
And what a lovely new winter banner you've made!
thank you for the sharing, many dutch fall hugs of me

Thank you Jet!  I love my new

Thank you Jet!  I love my new banner but i have to give Diane the credit.  I sent her some images I wanted to use, but it is her well trained eye that put it all together for me!!!  

Actually, these all were quickly made during bits and pieces of found time.  Always had my "shroom" basket with me where ever I went all summer!

Sooo pretty! It looks

Sooo pretty! It looks terribly complicated to me!!

Haha!  Mary if these were

Haha!  Mary if these were "complicated", I most likely would not have taken this project on!!!  YOU are the one of the two of us who takes on "complicated" my friend!!! :-)  And brilliantly I might add.

Your mushrooms turned out

Your mushrooms turned out oh-so-cute, Pam! And your photography is gorgeous as always! Thanks for making us smile!
Big hugs!

Thank you Arielle!!  It is

Thank you Arielle!!  It is surprising how many little crochet and knit techniques one can learn making small projects like these.  Can't remember if you knit or crochet - but these would be great little projects to keep your mind busy during this "hurry up and wait"you are experiencing.

Every post of yours lately is

Every post of yours lately is having me add more to my to-do list. (Not a bad thing!) These are so adorable & I know a few friends who would love them, too!

Oh my goodness!!!  I am glad

Oh my goodness!!!  I am glad to be of help - of course!!!  :-)

Oh Dyhanna I hope you do!!!

Oh Dyhanna I hope you do!!!  Many of them only take an hour or so.  Great little projects to keep fingers busy while wtching TV.

how cute! may have to try

how cute! may have to try some of these