Meet my friend Teri

I had a birthday recently and my wonderful husband ordered two mugs from Teri's Zazzle Collection that I was eager to own!

I decided to show them off in the garden where they accompany me every morning as I make the rounds to say good morning to all my plants.  Daisies are Teri's favorite flower and the image on this mug is an inverted version of one of my favorites of her daisy water colors.

I thought this lovely Cereus cactus with its spent blossoms would look great sitting among the ferns since they live in completely different life zones.

Teri loves to play with new ideas, techniques, technologies and software.  The back of the mug shows the original water color version of the Cereus cactus image before she put it into photo shop and inverted the colors.

When Diane was teaching me to blog, she suggested I spend time searching for sites to add to my blog roll.  Teri's blog, Teri's Painted Daisies, was one of the very first I added.  I love her enthusiasm, playful sketches, beautiful but simple water colors and her consistently cheerful, upbeat posts.

Teri participates in several on-line groups including Cactus Monday, Animal Wednesday, Thankful Thursday, Illustration Friday.  She reserves Tuesdays for a subject close to her heart - daisies.  Teri posts new sketches and water color paintings every single day and seeminly is a bottomless well of creative energy!

Recently Teri and I exchanged Artist Trading Cards and the treasures you see above are what  she sent to me.  Poppies - because I saw them on her site and asked her to save them for me. And because, as you already know, I LOVE Mexican Gold poppies

The Saguaro cactus was a most welcome surprise.  I really enjoy her cactus water colors and sketches.  The small Hawaiian hula girl cactus, which she uses as a business card, is a perfect example of her delightful sense of humor coming through in her art. 

Thank you Teri for adding so much beauty to my days.

PS.  While researchng links for ATC's I stumbled across this gallery.  Should keep you busy for the rest of the summer!


Just to you know, I just

Just to you know, I just guilted Teri into swapping ATCs with me. So, there.

(I'll feel much better when she actually agrees to do it.)

my word verification is 'advent'.

I'm not ready!!!!

AAAH !!! I saw her first!

AAAH !!!

I saw her first! nyah nyah!!

Wait. That's not the spirit in which I meant to make my comment. Here's my comment:

Teri always liked you best!

Wow Pam, I am smiling and

Wow Pam, I am smiling and smiling over this wonderful post. I am so happy you enjoy the cups and they look so darn nice lol

There is nothing better than a wonderful friend like you and thanks to Diane for sending you out on this Internet journey or we may never have 'met'.

Thank you for all these kind words!!! Wow, what a wonderful thing to do.