Sharing My Knitted Christmas Ball Addiction!!

Knitted Christmas Balls

Am admitting to a little addiction!!! Knitting beautiful ornament balls from "55 Christmas Balls to Knit" by Arne and Carlos.

If you knit, and are trying to figure out the perfect hand knitted gifts to give this season - order yourself a copy now and get started knitting!!

Once you have knitted a couple, you will find that you are able to complete a whole ball in just a few hours.

Knitted Christmas Balls

Certainly not much yarn is needed to complete a ball, However, if you do decide to work from stash, wool - sport weight - would be your best bet. These are the first three balls made while trying to figure out what kind of yarn worked for me. Acrylic does work, the heart was knit in acrylic, but again, wool with a fairly tight twist quickly became my yarn of choice.

Knitted Christmas Balls 2

I am currently using Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Sport - all of the above were knit with this yarn.

Knitted Christmas Balls prsonal designs

Arne and Carlos invite knitters to create designs of their own - they even provide a chart in the back of the book to be used just for that purpose.

After knitting a few balls, I just had to give it a try - after all - there are no Dala's in the book!!! My first attempt needs some tweaking but it is a good start toward a Dala. The 'shroom ball was shared in a previous post, and there is one more little ball that I can't share yet because it was made for a friend and she hasn't received it yet!!

Knitted Christmas Ball on needles

Diane recently asked me about how these balls are constructed and I took a couple images for her - the right side and wrong side during the knitting process. I am thinking non-knitters may find them interesting as well.

You can order your very own copy of "55 Christmas Balls to Knit" here. And take a little time to visit Arne and Carlos on their web site here, their blog here, Ravelry here and here or follow them on Instagram here.  I also understand they are on Facebook, but I don't venture over there so you are on your own!!!

They are an amazingly creative, talented and enthusiastic design team. You can not help but come away with a smile in your heart when you visit.

These are the most adorable

These are the most adorable things I have ever seen. And such a better aesthetic than the glass globes that just break every year.

Ugh, now i want to dig out my old yarn cache and needles and relearn how to knit...

Man, I love the bright

Man, I love the bright cheerfulness of these - and I especially love how much you're loving making them! Compelling projects are some of the best things in life. I can't wait to hang mine on my tree!

Well sweet daughter you are

Well sweet daughter you are right of course - AND you would know being buried in a huge compelling project of your own right now yourself!!

Can't wait to beginmaking some of the dolls created by Arne and Carlos.  Hopefully there is a small one just the right size for sitting on your Christmas Tree Branch. But THAT is for NEXT year!!! 

Your Christmas Balls turned

Your Christmas Balls turned out beautifully, Pam! And your photos are gorgeous, as always! Thanks for sharing your latest addiction with us! I dabble with crocheting, but you're starting to make me want to learn to knit, too! :)
Big hugs,

Arielle,  when things settle,

Arielle,  when things settle, yes - learn to knit!!  I love finally knowing how to do both because there are delightful projects awaiting around every corner!! Check out these incredibly brilliant crochet Star Wars figure patterns by Lucy Ravenscar  here in her Etsy store.

Her Jawa, Ewok and Spirits just slay me.

Funny that you mention Lucy

Funny that you mention Lucy Ravenscar's awesome Star Wars patterns! I bought two last year and am anxious to give them a try early next year! Thanks for the encouragement!

Good to know.  Her designs

Good to know.  Her designs are brilliant.  

Wow those are wonderful. I

Wow those are wonderful. I could see a whole tree decorated with nothing but those. I especially love the 3 color pattern next to the bell and the snowflake-like ones. Thanks for letting me know about this book- I think it's going to have to go on my list!

I know, Meg - right?  And

I know, Meg - right?  And that is exactly what Arne and Carlos tree IS decorated with - Knitted Christmas Balls - millions and millions and millions....

Right now my "seasonal tree" is groaning under the weight of the knitted balls, crocheted balls (from last year) my knitted and crocheted shrooms.  With all my Dalas and my Christmas elves, I am definitely headed toward an all fiber arts tree in the near future. :-)

Get the book!!!  You will love knitting these balls.  I just know it!

Your Christmas balls are just

Your Christmas balls are just beautiful, Pam! And of course you had to knit a Dala :-). Guess what? Arne and Carlos are coming to the Nordic Heritage Museum next October! Every other year the museum puts on a three-day knitting conference. Wouldn't it be fun to meet them?

Nancy!  I know!  Arne and

Nancy!  I know!  Arne and Carlos mentioned it when i inquired about the English translation of their newest book.  I am hoping so much to be able to go.  And YES it would be fun to meet them. AND YOU!!

Ohhhhhh, I'm liking the sound

Ohhhhhh, I'm liking the sound of this!!!

Meeee tooo!  Just put myself

Meeee tooo!  Just put myself on the e-mail list for the museum.  Just wish these things didn't occur onweekends.  Will have to see what I can work out as it is also Pumpkin Patch season.