Learn a Little More About Me! Read "ACrafty Interview with Pam Harris" on Ancora Crafts!!


Sharing a sneak peak at my Christmas elf castle AND an interview with yours truly you might like to read over on Ancora Crafts! Click here to visit the interview!

Catherine approached me this fall asking if I would be willing to allow her to interview me for a feature that regularly appears on her blog - "ACrafty interview series" and I immediately accepted!

So, if you want to know a little more about me - my very first crafty adventure, the one project I am most proud of completing, my crafty plans for this coming yearÂ… pop on over to Ancora Crafts and ACrafty Interview with Pam Harris!

I just read your wonderful

I just read your wonderful interview...Awesome! I feel so proud to know you.

Oh my goodness Teri!  What a

Oh my goodness Teri!  What a lovely thing to say.  We have been "virtual" pals a long time now haven't we?  I am so grateful I found your site all those years ago.  The minute I saw your playful happy sketches I found a smile on my lips and it still happens today every time I visit!!!