Windmills! Dutch Canal Houses! Plastic Canvas Ornaments! And a Pattern PDF.



Just In time for celebrating Sinterklaas' arrival in the Netherlands from Spain AND JUST FOR YOU, I have designed two pretty little plastic canvas windmills and two simplified versions of plastic canvas canal houses. Sew them back to back to create ornaments, or glue them to a felt backing to make coasters. Or stitch six and sew into blocks to scatter on a windowsill or mantel or place on a holiday table as gifts!

Dala Horse Plastic Canvas gift tag/tree ornament

Links to instructions for sewing into blocks or flat two sided ornaments can be found here in this Christmas in July post. And a PDF for the Dala and Mushroom and Tree featured in the above link can be found here.

Like all the other plastic canvas projects featured in the Christmas in July post, these little ornament/gift tags are made using 7 squares per inch plastic canvas and just about any worsted weight yarn you have on hand.

Plastic Canvas stitch samplers make perfect coasters!

Of course, if you are into geometrics, your can make ornaments or coasters from any of the designs shared here or adapt these brilliant square within square designs created by Diane at Craftypod here.

For a copy of a little stitch diagram provided as a printable PDF for the wind mills and the canal houses please shoot me an e-mail (or if the attachment link thingy below works for you - use it!!! ) 


Plastic Canvas Windmill & House.pdf1.28 MB

oooh stupid my now i

oooh stupid my now i understand the perfect patterns you have used to knitted the ornament dutch xmas ball.LOL
i'm so glad with it. it's hanging not in a tree but before my window in the livingroom. I will send you soon a pict when it's here a little bit normal.
i'm sooo glad with it. Thank you for all the effords and the sending;-D
many dutch hugs of me

Well, Jet, they can't exactly

Well, Jet, they can't exactly be used interchangeably.  Each technique behaves a bit differently and requires a bit of adjustment.  Actually, in your case - the knitted ball was first and I adapted the pattern to work with pc. I especially love the windmills!!

These are so sweet. Right

These are so sweet.
Right now, if I try a new technique I'll have to lie down in the infirmery for a month. And then I'd miss all the holiday fun.

But I really do want to work with PC in the manner in which it was invented. Right now, I just stencil through it! HA!!

Your ornaments turned out

Your ornaments turned out beautifully, Pam! Thank you so much for sharing the patterns! So much fun!
Big hugs!

I am glad you like them

I am glad you like them Arielle.  I am definitely making a set of coasters using these patterns.  


We are going to be studying

We are going to be studying Holland during the holidays, so this is perfect!

Yaaaaaaay Phyllis!  I really

Yaaaaaaay Phyllis!  I really think the boys will get a kick outof making these.  Actually, you might even consider getting the larger canvas - I think it is 5 holes per inch and use bulky yarn.  Stitching should go quickly and the resulting piece a perfect coaster or even trivit.

Oh, my god, white&blue wind

Oh, my god, white&blue wind mill and canal house... I'm totally in love!!!!
Well done you!!!
The coasters are beuaitul, too!

Silvia!  Heh, heh, heh!  I

Silvia!  Heh, heh, heh!  I knew you would like the blue and white!!!  

Hello Pam These Dutch

Hello Pam
These Dutch ornaments are so cute, I am seriously thinking of trying this new to me craft. Thanks again for your inspiring posts.
I enjoyed your interview yesterday, too.
All the best

Thank you Dawn!  I am happy

Thank you Dawn!  I am happy to hear I may be instrumental in getting you into plastic canvas!!!  If not, I have a pattern version of each for cross stitch or knitting if you like!!!