Winter Wonderland Trees Made From Fresh Corn Husks


Finally! My "frightful" trees have made the transition from Halloween table toppers to sparkly, snow covered winter holiday trees.

A couple layers of spray snow, a few weeks of obsessing and finally a liberal application of fine, snowy glitter transformed what began as fresh corn husks - into a winter wonderland of holiday prettiness.

For now, I have nestled a few 'shrooms near the bases but once I release my boxes of Christmas goodness from their summer storage, I will add tiny feathered birds here and there and let them flit about among the branches while I am sleeping! And there are a few snowmen that I know will love spending the holidays right here as well!!!

These little beauties will be adding cheer to my home through February!


If you missed the post sharing how to make "frightful" trees from fresh corn husks, you can find it here.

The great thing about making the trees is that they do not have to be made all at once! Start them in September. Add as many branches as you can with the supply of fresh husks on hand, and then let them sit until you have fresh corn on hand again!

I failed to actually count, but I am estimating that I used the husks from at least 30 to 35 ears of corn to complete all three trees.


One thing I learned the hard way was that the rows of shredded husks must be placed very close together - like 3/8 inch. And even then, sometimes, holes might appear once the husks have dried. It is easy to add additional bits of shredded husk wherever a hole appears. The tree above is my first, and it required a LOT of hole filling! Once these dry, they will blend right in.


Kids will get a kick out of watching the branches twist and curl as they dry. There is no way to predict what they will do - always a surprise. But for the most part the inner husks seem to curl and contort more than the outer husks.

Winter Wonderland trees made using fresh corn husks

Once completely dry, and Halloween is over, a couple coats of spray snow will give the trees a wintery feel.

Note: spray snow may saturate the husks making them somewhat soggy, so try to dry them in as dry an environment as possible. I sprayed mine outside but brought them into the house to dry. Drying took about 24 hours.

Personally, I was hoping for a thicker coat of snow, but as I said, after obsessing for several weeks, I decided that I needed to love them as they are - not discard them because they didn't look exactly as I expected.

Winter Wonderland trees made using fresh corn husks

And the addition of glitter made all the difference. In real life - my trees sparkle like everything!

Sorry, but this is the best image I could get. Glitter is a pain to photograph!!!

I sprayed the trees with 3M 77 super multipurpose adhesive and then poured on very fine snow glitter. Used the whole bottle of glitter and tossed it before remembering someone might want to know what I used. Sorry about that. But almost any medium to fine glitter should work!

Now go husk some corn and start building trees!

These are beautiful,could you

These are beautiful,could you tell me what you used to shred the corn husks with and how did you make them stand up without falling over Thanks

I love these!!!!!!!!!!

I love these!!!!!!!!!!

Yaaaaaaay!  I am very happy

Yaaaaaaay!  I am very happy to hear that they appeal!!

You know how I feel about

You know how I feel about these trees, my friend.

Congreatulations Pam you've

Congreatulations Pam you've been featured today on Craft Daily. Really awesome!!! I'm very proud of you!!! many XO's jet

Thank you for letting me

Thank you for letting me know, Jet!  I am delighted to see them featured.  

I never would have guessed

I never would have guessed that these were corn husks! I thought they were evergreen branches. They look great!

Wow!  thank you Bobbi.  You

Wow!  thank you Bobbi.  You brightened my cloudy ole day with this sweet note!

Wowee! Just amazing how the

Wowee! Just amazing how the glitter addition transforms these trees. I'm totally saving my corn husks next year!

Diane, it was indeed a happy

Diane, it was indeed a happy surprise after the "snow disappointment".  Glitter saved the day!!

These trees are amazing Pam,

These trees are amazing Pam, I have never seen Christmas trees made from corn husks, so spectacular.

Oh my goodness!  KJ!  Thank

Oh my goodness!  KJ!  Thank you!  You made my day! And to think I almost gave up on them.  Seriously - thank you. :-)

Thank you Karen!!!  Actually,

Thank you Karen!!!  Actually, keep an eye out in the markets.  We have begun to find fresh corn almost all year - this time of year it is coming in from South America.  I am always surprised to see it!!

Of coursem dried corn husks will work but not nearly as much fun!!!  They don't put on a show while drying!

Your cornhusk trees look

Your cornhusk trees look amazing. Don't see a thing wrong with how they turned out. Fantastic idea and follow through. If I knew where to get some fresh cornhusks today, I'd go get 'em right now and try this . . . but there's always next year to plan ahead for!