Mini Tips and Tuts: Cranberry Apple Pie - Perfect for Winter Celebrations


Try adding fresh cranberries to your next apple pie! You are in for a delicious treat if you do!

I started adding cranberries to my apple pies last fall when I found that I could no longer get the scrumptious cranberry apple pastries that I had come to adore this time of year - delicious cranberry and apple filling baked in a very flakey free form rustic tart.

Not having much luck with keeping sweet flavorful juices from escaping when attempting this sort of dessert, I decided to try making the filling and baking it as pie - something I am very good at doing.

Try it! I will be very surprised if you don't love it too!

Cranberry Apple Pie

You will find my recipe for apple pie right here.

And my recipe for pie crust here.

I usually use 6 to 7 large apples for a standard 9" pie, but if you are adding cranberries, use only 5 or 6 apples and one heaping cup of fresh cranberries.

Avoid sour apples like granny smith when selecting your combination of apples. And do use a full cup of sugar.

Perfect Cinnamon Blend from Penzey's spices

And a little secret ingredient to share - Penzeys cinnamon! This is a blend of their best cinnamon varieties and it is simply incredible - in apple pie and in cookies. Find a Penzeys store near you here is a list of locations or order on line here.  Try Penzeys Cinnamon.  You will not be disappointed.

Cranberry Apple Pie has replaced apple pie on the Thanksgiving menu at our house, and while it is in the house, it is my breakfast of choice!

I commented once and I don't

I commented once and I don't think I put in the captcha code, so I'm back. Because if anyone's going to talk, it's going to be me.

I forgot what I said, but I just wanted to make my point.


Oh, yum! Great idea. :) I'm

Oh, yum! Great idea. :)
I'm totally hooked on Penzey's cinnamon. I have a store about 10 minutes from me and love so many of their spices. I never want to be without the cinnamon. Mmmm.

Me either, Kellianne!  I used

Me either, Kellianne!  I used to get one of their premium cinnamon varieties, but once i tried their own blend, there was no turnng back!

Every spice jar in my cupboard is from Penzeys!

Sounds positively delicious,

Sounds positively delicious, Pam! What a great suggestion! Thanks for sharing with us!
Big hugs!

Oh Leah!  What a great idea!

Oh Leah!  What a great idea!  It would be totally delicious!

I bet adding cranberries to

I bet adding cranberries to apple crisp would be really good too. Yum!