Mini Tips and Tuts: Christmas Countdown Fridge Magnet Advent Calendar Tree Has Grown a Foot Taller!!


Recently, my brain enjoyed a particularly perfect storm!

Why not print out another "bottom" portion of the Fridge Magnet Advent Calendar Tree so that the tree would be much taller than originally designed. Taller tree = much more room to "hang" all 25 magnetic advent ornaments?

So I did! I printed an additional tree bottom onto an inkjet magnet sheet (I use Staples brand), added it to the fridge magnet tree already attached to the front of my fridge (I can't wait for Dec. 1st.), and wow! - lots more space for all of Fanie's adorable ornaments.

In years gone by, the ornaments have been pretty tightly packed - now they can be scattered over the tree with room to spare! Why didn't I think of this sooner?

I would recommend printing all three tree sections at the same time! As you can see - there has been a slight color shift due to a change in printers. However, I am so happy to have the extra space, I don't care if one section is a little off.

Pop over here for links to the fridge magnet tree and to the whimsical ornaments designed for this tree by Fanie Gregoire.

If November 30th rolls around and you still haven't begun making an advent count down project - save it till next year and print out this one!!!

I put mine up every year and love how much holiday cheer it brings into my kitchen. And children will love hanging out in the kitchen and rearranging the ornaments - something they may not be encouraged to do while enjoying the "living room tree"!

I remember this and it's just

I remember this and it's just perfect for our family! Thank you Pam - I love it! :)

I am so happy to hear this

I am so happy to hear this Sasha!  Thank you for taking the time to let me know!  :-)

Thank you Christina!  And you

Thank you Christina!  And you are right - the new stainless fridge fronts are not magnetic and I appreciate the reminder that a magnetic memo board (or a piece of sheet metal) would work very nicely in homes with newer model refrigerators.

Brilliant! I have been

Brilliant! I have been trying to figure out an advent calendar for us for years now. I've yet to get one up. I so wish our fridge was magnetic! Brice would have so much fun with this. I may need to hunt down a piece of sheet metal and frame it for this...