Advent Calendars! Christmas Countdown Begins!!


Happy first day of Advent Season!


First ornament on the Scandi Advent tree - the Yule Cat

The Yule Cat is always the first to replace a candy filled woven Danish heart on my Scandi-Advent tree - a reminder to finish those mittens, hats and scarves before Yule!!

If you are curious - how I made these and many other advent count down calendars can be found in the Flickr Set - marked Advent!!

Happy 24 days until Christmas!


WHAT CREATIVE IDEAS . . . ADVENT CALENDARS, so BRAVO to you! I also LOVE the cute hand-crafted hearts decorating the AdventTree... unique, INDEED! Thanks for sharing. I just signed up for your updates via e-mail so I can follow your blog. Sarah Helene, Minneapolis

Welcome Sarah!  and thank you

Welcome Sarah!  and thank you for your sweet comment!  The hearts ARE perfect on that little tree if I say so myself!! :-)  But then I AM addicted to advent calendars AND Danish woven hearts!

I love your Scandi-Advent-

I love your Scandi-Advent- tree! Such a great idea! Usually those hearts are used to decorate the Christmas tree - but this is brilliant! ;)

Sasha, I can't begin to tell

Sasha, I can't begin to tell you how much I have enjoyed the Scandi-Advent Tree Calendar.  Loved it when I first created it and used only hearts.  And now, replacing each heart with a Scandinavian themed ornament has made it even more fun!  And it is always so pretty throughout the season!

Happy Advent!! :)

Happy Advent!! :)