December 10th! Angel Day!


December 10th is my very own special "winter holiday" - Angel Day.

My grandfather gave me my very first Advent Calendar when I was six years old. In those days, the calendars were more about discovering the pretty picture behind the doors than about finding a chocolate!

My favorite picture of the whole season was on December 10th - beautiful angels floating in a cloud filled blue sky!

So, to remind myself of the magic of that first Advent Calendar, I created "Angel Day" and it is the day I pull from storage any angels not already displayed in the house.


My sis gave me this sweet vintage angel candle a few years ago. I don't know when she was made, but it had to be sometime in the 50's. Maybe before. This year she is keeping company with my Advent Candles.

Chile and raffia tree topper for Whimsical trees!

And look at this! I finally figured out the perfect topper for the "whimsical fresh corn husk trees"! Tiny chile piquin tied together with raffia (no fresh corn husks in the northern hemisphere this time of year).

But I am thinking I just may be able to create tiny angels next fall from fresh chile piquin and fresh corn husks.

Can't wait to see if I can make it work!!

I had an advent calendar just

I had an advent calendar just as you describe also in the 50's. Each day had a new verse to a poem. I wish I could find it! Most of them don't have verses anymore.

Ursula,  you are so right

Ursula,  you are so right about that - I don't know what is happening elsewhere, but in the US it seems 90% of calendars have chocolate behind the doors and not great chocolate at that.  My calendar did have verses along with the sweet images!  My mind can still see it written under the cloud - but not well enough to read it!!  :-)  Thank you so much for sharing your memory.  I wish I had mine too. 

What a lovely idea to have an

What a lovely idea to have an 'angel day'! Very sweet. :)

Just seemed the only thing to

Just seemed the only thing to do!!  Throughout my life, December 10th has always, always brought to mind that first calendar - especially the angels. 

cute idea!

cute idea!

Thank you Dyhanna!  And Happy

Thank you Dyhanna!  And Happy Angel Day!