A Castle for Christmas Elves and Goodbye to The Yule Lads


No longer are my Tomte, Jólesvenier, Päkapikk, Tonttu and Nisse hiding among the branches on my Christmas Tree! I have found a perfect castle for them to spend the holiday - when they are not helping Santa that is!!!

Perfect elf castle found at Michael's Crafts

I actually found the castle at Michael's Crafts - on sale - last summer!

Christmas Elves and Dalas trying out their future home

And I immediately saw it's potential as a holiday home for my ever growing collection of Elves and Dalas!

Christmas Elves trying out their future home.

And Don't forget! Tomorrow, December 12th, the Jólasveinar (Yule Lads) begin their yearly trek out of the mountains to visit good children living in villages in Iceland!

You can enjoy learning more about them and the gifts they bring right here on Jól (Yule) in Iceland.

The Jólasveinar will bring a cyber gift each day and it is among these gifts you will find the patterns for both the Yule Cat and a little angel. (The very angel pattern I used to create the "punched tin" paper angel!)  Tutorial for the punching and assembly here.

Sadly, this will be the last year the Yule Lads will visit because the site will not be active ever again after January 7th 2014.

I will miss it more than I can say. I have always eagerly awaited the Yule Lads and the lovely vintage Christmas Card Advent Calendar that have been a part of the past five holidays.

I encourage you to take the time this season to visit Jól (Yule) in Iceland and enjoy learning about the Yule Lads, receive their gifts, open the lovely Advent Calendar, and explore more about Yule in Iceland - history, stories, food and lore. Again - here is the link.

And to the lovely gentleman behind Jól (Yule) in Iceland, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for adding magic to my holidays these past five years.

Oh my goodness - I just LOVE

Oh my goodness - I just LOVE this Santa scene! Just lovely! :)

at first i will tell you that

at first i will tell you that i like all the changing of seisons of your banner above.
They are sooo pretty and stylish and will tell you what you can find here.
Awesome done!!!
aaaw so cute the castle for alll your xmas elves and yule lads. and the tiny wooden shoes. it's very pretty and lovely to wacth;-D
it made me smile. So thank you for the sharing;-D

Darn! I just found you.

Darn! I just found you. Does that mean that you'll be taking all your content down, or just not posting anymore. Thanks for all you've done.

Oh dear Chiska!  i didn't

Oh dear Chiska!  i didn't mean to confuse.  I am not going anywhere and neither is my content!!  I was referring to the Yule in Iceland site on which one finds the Yule Lads this time of year!!  The lovely gentleman who created the site, has notified us that this will be the last year the site will be active.  


But Gingerbreadsnowflakes will be here!!!  And YOU ARE WELCOME!!!  I am so happy to hear you like it here!!

Well I must say, "Kristina"

Well I must say, "Kristina" is quite talented to have created that darling Santa scene! Don't blame you, that it's your favorite, it would be mine too!! Thanks for sharing....

Absolutely love this

Absolutely love this vignette. Have to ask about the Santa you have displayed. Do you mind telling where he came from?

Desi, the Santa was hand made

Desi, the Santa was hand made by my SIL severa years ago.  I believe she purchased the head and hands but all the rest was created by her hand.  Here is a better look at the whole workshop she created.