Apple and Green Chile Scandi Heart Empanadas to Celebrate Lucia Day and Guadalupe Day.

Apple and Green Chile Empanadas

"Apple and Green Chile Empanadas" to celebrate both the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe (Dec. 12th) and Lucia Day (Dec. 13th)!

I am not from Mexico nor Catholic, and there is no Scandinavian blood in my recent ancestry, but I always celebrate December 12th and 13th - and quite often by blending the two cultural traditions that have so completely influenced my art, craft, heart and Winter Holiday celebrations.

I am going to spare you a long explanation! Instead - let's just move on to the link to these spectacularly delicious Empanadas from the pages of New Mexico Magazine. Pastry Chef Cheryl Snyder shares several recipes in this link and I can personally guarantee every single recipe!! First Cheryl is brilliant and any recipe she shares will be perfect. And second, I have personally tried every single one!!!

Just a note, if you are not into green chile and apple - just try it anyway!!

OR if you have a favorite empanada filling, use Cheryl's pastry recipe!!  It is an incredible empanada pastry recipe.

And a nod to Pink Suede Shoes (and her "Sweetie Pie Cookies") for giving me the idea of cutting little hearts instead of basic turnovers! (That is the Scandinavian part!)

Lovin' the hearts! Pretty to look at!  Delicious to gobble up!  And we are... gobbling them up!

They look lovely, Pam! And I

They look lovely, Pam! And I love that you incorporate so many different cultures into your celebrations! So much fun!