Scandinavian Luminarias to Welcome Christmas


Scandinavian Luminarias!! Perfect blend of the two cultures that influence my holidays most - Scandinavian art and craft (and cookies of course), and childhood memories of unique and magical Christmas traditions in Santa Fe, NM.

Here is the link to Day 3 of the 12 Days of Scandinavian Christmas where you will find the tutorials for making luminaries - including making very simple quick easy peasy bags from what you have on hand if you like - and inspiration for creating your own Scandinavian designs.


Use them indoors or outdoors - tips for both uses are included!

God Jul! Glædelig Jul! Hyvää Joulua! and Feliz Navidad everyone.

You're always so clever, Pam!

You're always so clever, Pam! Thanks for sharing your post over at The Pickled Herring! What fun! The luminarias turned out so pretty and festive! I think I'll have to put them on my holiday to-do list for next year. And I plan to stock up on the battery-operated tea lights when I find them on sale! Thanks for this fun tutorial!

Arielle!  Why didn't i think

Arielle!  Why didn't i think of that!  Battery operated tea lights would be perfect!!!!

Thanks SO MUCH for

Thanks SO MUCH for participating, Pam! Everyone loves your post!! :)

Oh you are welcome Kathryn.

Oh you are welcome Kathryn.  You know how much I always look forward to your Scandinavian Christmas series each year.

These are really striking and

These are really striking and gorgeous with the red.

I was going to catch up with your site from the very last post I had read, and I kept going back about three windows, and suddenly I was in 2008! Are you reposting some Christmas things? Which would be a great idea, because there is so much goodness your new readers would love to see. But then I was thinking about how long you've been blogging! It's wonderful, isn't it?! Congrats, my friend!

So anyway, I decided to read from latest backwards...

Chrissy!  2008?!!!!  That

Chrissy!  2008?!!!!  That could wear you out!!!

Once and a while i will update something posted a few years back - a new version - like the Danish woven hearts.  I had completely forgotten I had made a post in 2008 showing how to make a luminaria.  But those were made using brown lunch sacks (traditional).  I love that I figured out how to make them lickety split out of anything!!!