Christmas Cookies!

Curling up with a plate of Christmas cookies!

Christmas Cookie baking time is here! I imagine many of you will be in your kitchens hiding in a cloud of sugar and flour and turning out batch after batch of cookie goodness!

Me?  I have completed my baking and am just getting ready to settle in with a plate of Christmas cookies and a bit of Christmas reading!

If you are still looking for cookie inspiration - check out the delicious recipes to be found in the three "cookie" buttons on the sidebar!

Winter Holiday Cookie Recipes

You will find really great cookie recipes here in the Winter Holiday Cookie Recipe series.

And tons of yummy recipes from readers in both 2010 and 2011 Holiday Cookie Recipes.

And below: links to some of the recipes for the cookies sitting on my cookie plate waiting to be eaten! (The recipes for Rolled Sugar Cookie and Crunchy Sugar Cookie with pistacios and cherries are not available on line but can be found in the King Arthur flour Cookie Companion Book.  If you are into cookies - get yourself a copy!!)

Linzer Bar (King Arthur flour) here

Black Forest Snowball Cookies (from here

Astrid's Pepperkakor (in the Winter Cookie series) here

Happy Cookie Baking everyone!

HiPam- :D Glad my cookie

HiPam- :D Glad my cookie still make it this year for some of you and your husband's favorite xmas cookies! Yum! I made them again this year, as well. :) Sending you much love for Yule time! xoxo!

Oh Fanie my sweetie

Oh Fanie my sweetie absolutely loves your Black Forest Chocolate Snowball cookies.  Actually I should say - ENJOYED!!!  They are completely gone!  Vanished! Disparu!  Not a single one left for Santa!!!

Thank you for sharing your delicious recipe a couple years back - it is still being enjoyed.  We still enjoy your General Tao Chicken often as well!!