Celebrating Winter Solstice with Leyla Torres and Origami

Stunning Red Chile Pepper Origami by Leyla Torres

Happy Winter Solstice everyone!

I can't think of a prettier way to celebrate than to share this stunning Origami Chile Pepper "sun" created by Leyla Torres. Leyla has kindly given me permission to share her beautiful red chile sun image! You can find Leyla's post and video how-to for making origami chile peppers right here!

I just discovered Leyla! Thrilled to find her in fact! There is something about her origami and how she approaches making it that has succeeded in pushing away my intimidation and fear of this paper folding craft. I am ready to give it a try and will start with chile - of course! And make a red chile ristra!

Learn more about Leyla Torres here on her about page. And visit her blog here. And her gallery here! (I should warn you about visiting the gallery!  You won't want to leave!!)  And her shop right here where you can find a very cool bamboo origami tool and printable origami paper designs created by Leyla Torres!!!!

Oh and don't forget - the video library - lovely visual way to learn to make beautiful origami! Find it here!

The Winter Solstice is always a big big deal for me because despite the fact that it marks the beginning of winter, from today forward, the days will be getting longer! And that in my opinion is something to celebrate!

It is also in many ways what I believe is officially the turning of the new year - the sun beginning it's return journey to the northern hemisphere on this day! And how better to celebrate than to discard a long held fearful reservation and dive into learning to make origami - with Leyla!

Happy Winter Solstice! Happy Turning of the New Year!  Happy New Beginnings!

And now - pop over here and see the lovely gift Leyla has given us to celebrate the Winter Solstice and the Winter Holidays. 

I love Leyla's creativity!

I love Leyla's creativity! Pam, thanks for sharing her links... off to investigate.

Hi Pam, yes she is a great

Hi Pam, yes she is a great brilliant origami artist. I have learned allready some of her projects which she shared on her blog in a great tute.
I hope more will following her. It's really a greatful help.
I have always thought that i couldn't learnd this, but slowly it's going better.
And it's a pleasent thing to do when you must wait on your number in a shop;-D
A merry xmas time for you and your dear ones
many dutch hugs jet

Hi, Pam, I too celebrate the

Hi, Pam, I too celebrate the Solstice as the turning of the year! Thanks for all your great post this last year..... have a bright and happy holiday season. :)

Dear Pam, Thank you so much

Dear Pam,
Thank you so much for your warm words of compliment. I hope your origami journey is as enjoyable for you as it has been for me.
Happy Solstice day (I too celebrate it!) and Happy New Year!

You are welcome Leyla!  I

You are welcome Leyla!  I popped over to see how ou celebrate the Winter Solstice and was delighted by your lovely holiday video.  What a happy treat!