On the Second Day of Christmas: Sharing An Owl and Pussy Cat

Knitted and Felted Woolly Owl

On the Second Day of Christmas: sharing the owl and Â…

Knitted and Felted Woolly Kitty Kat

the pussy cat!

Both gifts were knitted and then felted.

The owl's face was to have been embroidered but when I spied the buttons - I could not resist using them instead! Just perfect!  Knit Picks Wool of the Andes and Frog Tree Alpaca Brushed Suri felted beautifully together to create feathers! Especially once brushed with Marie's nap brush.

Sadly, In addition to using Knit Picks Wool of the Andes (which felts like a dream), I used an alpaca that did not felt well at all so the white stitches show but brushing up the nap with Marie's nap brush helped a great deal to give the Kitty Kat a soft, furry look and feel.

Woolly Owl and Woolly Kitty Kat patterns are by Marie Mayhew at Marie Mayhew Designs. Find her patterns (here) in her Woolly Something Shop or (here) at Ravelry.

Currently, I am working on her totally adorable Matryoshka pattern!

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I especially love the kitty! ;)

Sasha!  I am pretty partial

Sasha!  I am pretty partial to the kitty kat too!!!

Pam, can't wait to see how

Pam, can't wait to see how the dolls knit up. Mine are finished, I made a large and small one, but have not felted them yet. Will share what they look like when they are done!

Oh Nancy, I can not wait to

Oh Nancy, I can not wait to see!!  My doll is felted I just need to add embellishment and a face - stuff like that.  Faces always intimidate me so I tend to procrastinate.  

So happy to hear you have made some too!!  Marie mentioned that if fingerling yarn were used, the dolls would be ornament size.  So!  Maybe we should think about exchanging ornaments!!

Fabulous! will you be

will you be knitting the guitar and baot and moon and ............ lol

Heh heh heh!  Lyn! I hadn't

Heh heh heh!  Lyn! I hadn't even thought of that!!!  But it would be a great idea!!!  The owl was a gift to my mom.  She places all the owls I make for her on a little "shrine" in  her meditation space.  The cat is for my youngest sis who loves cats (and dogs) with all her heart.