On the Third Day of Christmas: Sharing a Sweet Little Mermaid Doll


On the Third Day of Christmas: Sharing a little Mermaid doll made for Sophia!


Just look at that sweet sweet face!!! You can well imagine it was almost impossible to give her away!

I owe three fabulous women big time for teaching me everything needed to make this little Mermaid:

Joanie at Ninimakes who took me on my very first journey into the world of doll making by sending me her pattern and instructions for making the "Gracie Doll" which you can find here in Stitch Village Collection: Vol 1.

Abby at While She Naps and author of "Stuffed Animals: From Concept to Construction" who taught me how to create and build my own stuffed creatures. (You can order her fabulous book here!)

And Jill Hamar author of "Storybook Toys" who created the basic doll pattern used for the top half of the mermaid and shared in amazing and well written detail how to construct a face and attach hair. (Read more about the book here... and be sure to explore her blog bybido)

I followed Jills face pattern and embroidery instructions to the letter. But I just had to add some seaweed to the hair!!!


Trials and tribulations with designing the tail! I believe I created a new species of Mermaid - a 'North Atlantic Wrench Tail Mermaid' - as a result of my efforts at design.

However, my plan to just lightly stuff the fins, create a "hinge" and then stuff the tail very firmly so the tail fins would have movement worked beautifully!

Her little cape is fashioned from Red Heart Sashay Metallic. Doubled and sewn to a ribbon. Very Mermaid-y don't you think?

Can't wait to begin making clothes!!! Sophia is quite good on the sewing machine, so we will be making a wardrobe of outfits together (using patterns supplied in Jill's book) to reflect Sophia's taste not mine.

Your work is just stunning.

Your work is just stunning. You have a precision and neatness to your techniques that makes them both light and fun, and elegant and rich at the same time. I am keeping your knitted Christmas ball up all year, and of course your painted gourd Russian doll is out shining in the house every day. I know whomever was lucky enough to get this mermaid (Sophia?) will treasure it as much!

Love those eyes!

Oh Chris you are so sweet.

Oh Chris you are so sweet.  What lovely words.

I am glad you are keeping the ball up all year - a reminder that you are dancing with your art these days and that is good.  Very good!

Wish I could take credit for those eyes!!  All Jill!  Wonderful aren't they?

Beautiful! :)

Beautiful! :)

Thank you Sasha!!!  I miss

Thank you Sasha!!!  I miss her already!

Wrench tail, that's funny,

Wrench tail, that's funny, but the truth is, I didn't even notice until you mentioned it.

She's gorgeous.

Heh heh heh!  Sandy to tell

Heh heh heh!  Sandy to tell the truth, I didn't notice either til I took the picture!  Just cracked me up!!  But thank you!  I am glad you like her.  Coming from the seamstress who made that brilliant Tilda Santa, I will take this a a big compliment!