On the Fourth Day of Christmas: Sharing Two Little Crafty Gifts to Myself

Curled Wood Christmas Tree

On the Fourth Day of Christmas: Sharing two little crafty gifts to myself based on gifts of inspiration from two lovely internet friends!!

A sweet little curled wood Christmas tree ornament inspired by this post by Ann Martin over at All Things Paper blog. After seeing one of my posts about Jan Dolland's kits and wanting to explore "quilling" with wood, she ordered a Shaved Wood Kit. 

And when I saw her sweet little curled wood tree, I not only fell in love but I just had to make one of my own!

Ann has her's mounted on an ornament stand - so pretty.  Go check it out


Nancy is no longer blogging, but we keep in touch by e-mail and in the short time we have "known" each other, she already seems to know just what will appeal to me! As usual she was right on target when she sent me the link to a pattern for making little Korknisse!

This little guy knitted up in minutes! I have made one for Diane and this little one for me! I plan to make several more in lots of colors to hide in secret corners of the house! Because every time I spy this little guy, I can't help but smile!!

And besides, no one can have enough Nisse watching over the house!!

Amazingly, my computer has

Amazingly, my computer has been working smoothly the last couple days, so I've been bravely venturing forth and so far it's been smooth sailing!

I was so pleased to see this post! You just made my day, Pam! I've been making so many of these lately, plus the crocheted ones. I love the idea of knitting them in different colors and tucking them here and there!

Happy New Year!

Oh Nancy i just totally love

Oh Nancy i just totally love the Korknisse!  Just completed one in turquoise.  I think the next will be pink - bight pink!  They really are so much fun and I love that you thought to introduce them to me!

I, too, ordered the kit from

I, too, ordered the kit from Jan Dolland. My mom, who is Norwegian, and I, spent the day together making these ornaments. We had so much fun and they turned out adorable!

Oh Cindy!  It made my day to

Oh Cindy!  It made my day to receive your comment!!  I am so so happy to hear from you and to know other's are enjoying this age old craft that never ever should have disappeared from our shores!!!

Thank you for taking the time to let me know you and your mom had fun making ornaments!