On the Fifth Day of Christmas: Looking Forward to a Bright New Year

New Year Dawning

On the Fifth Day of Christmas: Saying good bye to 2013 and looking forward to a brand spanking New Year sparkling with promises to keep!

There is something magical and mysterious about the arrival of the New Year - sort of like gazing through this transparent colored orb and seeing a dark, dreary, wet, grey, and unremarkable scene transform into brilliant beauty and wonder.

The orb - better known as a Witch Ball - has a long history beginning in the 1700's in England. Witch Balls were hung in windows to protect the home from all sorts of unwanted nefarious spirits and misfortunes. Apparently the beauty of the ball would attract the "Unwanted" from it's hiding place and once near, entanglement in the glass strands inside was inevitable. Trapped inside, the evil spirits could do no harm.

Personally, I think we should all be hanging a Witch Ball this year!!!

This particular Witch Ball was hand blown by Lucy Blue Berger, a Portland based glass blower who is currently working and displaying her art at McMenamins Edgefield in Troutdale, OR.

If you are local, pop out for a visit!

If not - contact Lucy about the possibility of shipping you a Witch Ball - just e-mail her at: lucyblueglass@gmail.com.

Happy New Year.

This is so beautiful, Pam!

This is so beautiful, Pam! I've never heard of a Witch Ball! It's so similar to a Dream Catcher; wonder if there are other cultures with similar traditions.

Certainly the lore is

Certainly the lore is similar, Nancy.  I am partial to these however!  Lucy makes them in reds, amber, green and deep blue.... Absolutely gorgeous colors.  This one was a gift to a friend, but i have put in my request to my sweetie for one for my birthday!