On the Seventh Day of Christmas: Preparations Made for Two Brand New Adventures - a KAL and a CAL

KAL and CAL baskets ready!

On the Seventh Day of Christmas: I spent a couple lovely hours getting my self organized and set up for two brand new "Alongs"!

Very first ever little crocheted snowflake

One basket holds yarns and hook for crocheting Snowflakes (patterns to be selected from "100 Snowflakes to Crochet" by Caitlin Sainio). Martine at I MAKE has just today made the official Snowflake CAL announcement here and here! And here is the link to the Snowflake CAL on Ravelry.

To be honest (and maybe too blunt), without Martine's encouragement, I would never have considered crocheting even one of these snowflakes! I have the book but was put off by the fact that they are crocheted using a 1.90 hook and size 10 crochet thread. Being a wool girl at heart, I have never particularly cared for cotton thread crochet.

And then Martine shared that her snowflakes are crocheted using a 2.5 hook and fingerling yarn. I was HOOKED!!! Totally!

You can see above my first rounds toward completing 'Droxtal' - one of the two suggested patterns for January.

Grain Stitch Socks back on the needles

And then there is the sad saga of my unfinished second sock - languishing in the deep dark recesses of my UFO storage bin.

While knitting this pair of socks, intriguing knit and crochet patterns for toys of all kinds from brilliant designers beckoned insistently and finally succeeded in influencing me to lay aside my unfinished sock and began a journey into fiber toy land!!

Sarah's announcement this morning that she is starting a new KAL - Socks with Sarah - is just exactly what I need to get me back on track! Not only do I have this lovely pair of Grain Stitch Socks (pattern from "How to Knit Socks" by Edie Eckman) to complete, but I have more fabulicious sock yarn waiting patiently in my "skeins of yarns for socks" drawer!

What appeals to me about Sarah's KAL is that it is unstructured! No specific sock patterns, no timelines or expectations. The only "guideline" - knit sock stitches every day - for five minutes or 5 hours!! And then share from time to time here on Sarah's thread on her brand new Ravelry site! Read more details here on her blog KNITTINGSARAH!!

And for those of you wanting a bit of structure and direction - Sarah's got that covered too!

I hope some of you will join me in 2014 making snowflakes and socks!

Hi Pam I am so pleased you

Hi Pam

I am so pleased you are joining and am really looking forward to a fun year of craft


I am pretty excited about the

I am pretty excited about the CAL, Martine!  Know moderating will be a lot of work not to mention all the help you have shared  - so in advance - thank you!!!

Oh, wow. I am sending this

Oh, wow. I am sending this link along to a neighbor who is working on socks right now and then a scarf with fingerling yarn. When she told me about fingerling yarn, I could only picture the potatoes.


Hahaha Chrissy!  Fingerling

Hahaha Chrissy!  Fingerling potatoes indeed!  They were named after the yarn you know.

Do be sure to send your neighbor the link!  The second sock has already seen more action than it has in three years and the KAL hasn't even officially begun!!!  I am sure it will be just as compelling for her!

i have the same book in

i have the same book in dutch, lol yep it's here wet and soft too.
But i'm thankful of it, less firework;-D
beautiful yarn you are using and yes knitting and crocheting can be hooked.LOL
Good luck with the seccond knitting one.
I have read that some knitters are knitting the seccond one in the same time.
I don't does that, but it can be realistic that you never will end i supose the other'=D
You will, i'm sure;-D
many hugs and some of Muis, she is looking today like a big fighting victim. argh.
It's scarring to look at it, it will be later more normally.
jet xo'scc

I'm in! We havew had the

I'm in! We havew had the wettest Christmas ever, so are in serious need of snowflakes!

Oh that is good news Gill!!

Oh that is good news Gill!!  I am glad to hear you will be joining Martines snowflake CAL!!