On the Eighth Day of Christmas: Beautiful Hand Made Ornaments

Gingerbread and Snowflakes from Madame Renard

On the Eighth Day of Christmas: Sharing sweet hand made Christmas tree ornaments made by special friends!

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that in early December my sweetie actually purchased a tree to be dedicated to his collection of Star Trek ornaments. No longer do I have to share my little 'seasonal' tree during the holidays. It is now available for hanging all the lovely hand made ornaments sent by friends these past 5 years!

One thing I especially love is that all those precious hand made treasures are so much more visible on the smaller tree than they have been on the big one! AND I am totally loving having three trees in my living room!

But - let's get back to that sweet little gingerbread man smiling at you from his new home!

Silvia, known on the internet as Madame Renard, surprised me with a fat little envelope in December! Carefully tucked inside - all the way from Italy - this sweetest ever gingerbread man (which she hand embroidered) and two beautiful snowflakes (made from special clay her Mom has taught her to make).

I believe she has some of the snowflakes - and stars too - still available in her shop!! But the gingerbread man is one of a kind!!! Made just for me!

I love them all to pieces!

Crocheted Wooden Shoe setting sail for my Christmas tree!

This precious little crocheted wooden shoe boat sailed all the way to Washington State from the Netherlands - tiny paper row boat in tow bearing the message "I'm wishing you a creative and adventurous journey during 2014".

My friend Jet (you remember her - the brilliant woman who makes window covering magic with recycled materials) worked out the crochet pattern for a wooden shoe boat. I've shot this from every angle trying to give you a really good perspective; but no matter how I shoot it, I can't seem to capture how amazingly perfect her little wooden shoe boat appears.

My son and I have a long history with wooden shoe boats, and knowing that, Jet decided I should have one on my tree - which makes this gift even more special.

Jet is not like me - needing a pattern to even pick up a hook or needle!!! She just knows how to make stuff!!

Hand knit croc made by Jet in  Haarlem, the Netherlands

Like this totally cool little hand knit crocodile! Jet just - figured him out!!! She sent him to me last year but I honestly can't remember if I have shared him, and since I wanted to be certain he had been properly introduced - I am sharing him here!!

In the past, on the first of January each year, the Star Trek ornaments are packed away and the little 'seasonal' tree covered with sparkly beaded snowflakes. This year - I am leaving all my hand made ornaments right where they are - at least till Valentines!!! Wouldn't you do the same???

aaaaw Pam thank you for the

aaaaw Pam thank you for the sharing here of my xmas gift tags.I liked it very much,you've made my day.
I'm a happy girl to have and found such a great and kind friend;-D
i loved the other shared presents of your other friends as well.
And i like it that you used those silly things still in your xmas tree.
Such an honour;-D
Many dutch hugs;-D

Jet!  Nothing "silly" about

Jet!  Nothing "silly" about them!!!  I love my ornaments so much - and I meant what i said in the post - they are staying on the little seasonal tree until Valentines!!  Who knows - maybe even Easter!!!

Lovely ornaments - they

Lovely ornaments - they really cheered me thank you

Sheleen, I am so happy to

Sheleen, I am so happy to hear that these sweet ornaments brought cheer!  I can't walk into my living room without seeing them and smiling.  

I just LOVE the crocodile! I

I just LOVE the crocodile! I think it's the first time I see one on a tree!!

Mary, I have him placed right

Mary, I have him placed right out on the front branch - my tree protector!  

I am happy to hear you are enchanted as well!

*____* oooh, my ornaments

oooh, my ornaments published here in your blog!!!
what a surprise!!!
I'm so happy you liked them and used them on your tree :)

the gingerbread man is not perfect, but, yes, it's one of a kind, made for you!

You know that I had some problems in using my hands around november/december and these three ornaments are all I could make. But, believe me, I'd make more and more to thank you for your friendship!


Knowing that you were unable

Knowing that you were unable to use your hands very much during that time made opening that little package an even bigger surprise!!  

And the snowman IS perfect!!!