On The Ninth Day of Christmas: A Last Backward Peak at Crafty Play in 2013

Favorite Crafty Adventures in 2013

On the Ninth Day of Christmas: A last look backward to my favorite crafty adventures in 2013!

So many of you are doing it! And I love seeing all your images together! 

So!  Here are 12 of my most favorite experiences in 2013.  I just noticed - almost all of them involved learning something new! How 'bout that?

1. Knitted and felted snowmen -big and small - using a fabulous pattern from Marie Mayhew Designs

2. Knitted, crocheted and stitched a basket full of fiber Easter Eggs

3. Learned simple Teneriffe and created a snowflake!

4. Joined Diane (Craftypod) in her Plastic Canvas Blog Hop!

5. Made pillows - for the first time in way too many years thanks to lessons learned and explored in "Quilting Happiness"!

6. Tested holiday cookie recipes for the first six posts to the Winter Holiday Cookie Recipe Around the World Series

7. Knitted, crocheted and felted "Raggedy Ann" 'Shrooms for my tree! Mushrooms and Toadstools from lots of fab designers!

8. Mounted a collection of very uniquely patterned leaves on to canvas.  Mod Podge proved itself once again!

9. Continued my education in crafty play with fresh corn husks - this year's fav fresh corn husk project - "Whinsical"/frightful multi-holiday trees!

10. Advanced a few more steps into the world of doll making! With help from brilliant designers!

11. Knitted a grand total of 13 Knitted Christmas Balls - some designed by Arne and Carlos and some by me!!!

12. Finished the Winter Solstice wall quilt! (a two year adventure!)