On the Tenth Day of Christmas: Gifts of Love, Inspiration and Knowledge

Irish tatted heart made by Avital Pinnick

On the Tenth Day of Christmas: Three gifts - Love, Inspiration and Knowledge - gifts that are given freely and often by so many. I am humbled by the love and kindness that is given to me; inspired by the creative genius that abounds; and enriched by all the knowledge and experience that has been so generously shared.

To further explain just what I mean - let me share three more boxes I received over the holidays - each one containing precious treasure!

The first arrived from Avital Pinnick all the way from Israel. Inside, the stunningly perfect tatted heart you see above andÂ…

Tiny crocheted flowers and hand woven hand-spun  made by Avital Pinnick

Â…these two teeny tiny crocheted flowers - the smaller one is only 3/4" in diameter. Avital tatted the heart using DMC cotton #30 and I am thinking she used the same or smaller for the flowers. Every stitch is absolute perfection! Avital can do anything - perfectly! I am so honored that she chose to gift me these delicate little treasures from her hands.

Notice the tiny weaving used as a "background" - Avital spun the multi-hued Merino wool herself on her treasured handmade Alden Amos spindle and created the weaving in a "Weave-It" frame. According to Avital, handspun works beautifully in Weave-it frames!

Beginning Jan 7th to celebrate Rock Day, I will begin attempting to improve my spinning skills and later this spring, perhaps - if I can improve enough - follow Avital's advice and try a small weaving on my Great Grandmother's Weave-it loom!

Pillow front - delicious cable stitches - hand knit by Futuregirl

I almost fainted when I pulled back the tissue and first set my eyes on this beautiful pillow knitted by Alice (officially my adopted daughter).

You see - unknown to me, she has been teasing me with tiny glimpses of my gift during the past year! First sharing the uniquely beautiful cables here, and then sharing here the eggplant shade of yard she was actually using to knit the cable pattern as a pillow top! Secretly she was getting quite a chuckle when she read my enthusiastic comments! Not only did I express my enthusiasm about the cables but I shared that the particular shade of eggplant she used is my absolute favorite color. (Sorry but I can't capture the color properly - but she did!).

The sweet note that accompanied the pillow expressed how tickled she was to be hiding this secret from me!!

Knitted pillow back - a gift from Futuregirl

And no plain ole stockinette for the back! Not Alice! Beautiful co-ordinating stripes!

Fabulous "Dala" fabric from Arielle

Let your eyes wander over this fabric!!! Dala Horses! Matryoshka! Windmills! Lovebirds! Hearts! and Flowers!

Arielle (the lovely author of "Christmas on Okinawa a la Colonel Sanders") knew I would love it the minute she spotted it in a shop on Okinawa! In her words "I was so excited to find Dala Horse Fabric that was Made in Japan. Made meÂ… think of you".

I just love that so many of my favorite themes are playing so nicely together on one fabric!

Gorgeous Japanese fabrics from Arielle

Sadly, Arielle's stay in her beloved Okinawa has come to an end (for now anyway) and she has returned to the states. But before leaving, she decided to gather a few crafty supplies to send to me!

This fabric is unlike anything I have ever seen - very, very drape-y and delicate. I tried to capture the usual texture for you to see. When Diane has sent the final edits for her current book project to her editor, we will celebrate by playing with the fabric! Because, as you well know, Diane is a huge fan of Japanese craft and I could not possibly keep it all to myself.

Gifts of intriguing tapes from Arielle

And look at these!! Wonderful tapes - of all kinds and materials - from Japan! That red fabric tape will appear on the first garment of the first Jill Hamar Doll I make for myself!

Inspiration for many brand new crafty journeys in the New Y ear!! And I will keep you posted!!

Hi, Pam, Thank-you so much

Hi, Pam,

Thank-you so much for posting my little needlework bits on your blog! I'm glad you like them. Yes, both Irish crochet roses were done with the same thread. If you crochet a lot with fine white thread, you soon see that there are many shades of white out there and it's very difficult to get a good match from different balls, unless they're from the same manufacturer and dye lot (yes, even white has dye lots).

Love the sashiko-style fabric! I can hardly wait to see what you do with it.


P.S : Dala horse material is

P.S : Dala horse material is stunning!

I'm loving your 12 days of

I'm loving your 12 days of Christmas! What a great idea! I must try to do this next year! You are an inspiration to us all - one day I hope to create as well as you! ;) xxx

Thank you Sasha!!  I am

Thank you Sasha!!  I am having so much fun with it.  

I have intended to do it for several years but always found myself so exhausted by mid December.  This year, I kept my December blogging much lighter and lo and behold - I still have energy left for the Twelve Days of Christmas!!! :-)

I love that you are

I love that you are celebrating all 12 days!!

Your know me Phyllis!  Making

Your know me Phyllis!  Making the magic last!  Can't bear this concept of "One Day of Christmas!"