On the Eleventh Day of Christmas: A Lovely Prince Cake

Prince Cake for 12th Night!

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas: A lovely and traditional celebratory cake fresh out of the oven!

Prince Cake for 12th Night!

And by morning, it is disappearing fast!

In many cultures around the world, Christmas really doesn't end until 12th night. The period between Christmas Day and January 6th is spent enjoying and visiting family and friends - eating meals together, sharing coffee and cookies, meeting in restaurants, congregating in parties. And it all comes to a glorious end with a special meal and a beautiful cake on 12th Night!

Thinking this to be a very fine tradition - the period of the REAL 12 Days of Christmas punctuated with a special cake, I have whole heartedly adopted it! And to that end, the past few years I have indulged in finding recipes for and then baking unique and delicious cakes. (You can see images and find links to recipes for previous cakes here).

Most cakes we have tried so far are quite simple to make and all are delicious! Admittedly, for the most part, I have selected cakes that reflect perhaps more European tastes, but since 12th Night is more widely celebrated there, it seems appropriate!

To celebrate Twelfth Night 2014 - Prince Cake - quite simple to make actually and absolutely delicious - especially if you are a fan of marzipan or almonds wrapped in a delectable cookie like pastry! Note: We prefer ours just a bit on the warm side - you know - when it has not entirely cooled from baking because you just can not wait a minute longer to taste it!!

A copy of the recipe from Chef Sverre Satre's new cookbook "Norwegian Cakes and Cookies" appeared in Viking Magazine. Daytona Strong shares the recipe online here on her blog Outside Oslo.

Now if you will excuse me, I have coffee and Prince Cake waiting for breakfast!

I have been enjoying these

I have been enjoying these posts each day, but wanted to especially chime in here - this looks fabulous! I love the decorative crust. My friend made one of these with puff pastry & purchased almond paste for New Year's day and it was delicious. The linked recipe looks good, thanks for sharing!

:-) Tammy!!!  So good to hear

:-) Tammy!!!  So good to hear from you! And you are welcome!!

Although I am sure a puff pastry and purchased marzipan would be perfectly fine to use with wonderful results, I must say here that I made this whole thing in my food processor!!!  And it only took minutes!  


Oh, that cake does look

Oh, that cake does look princely. I will have to make it sometime. We are busy preparing for our annual Twelfth Night party tonight. Usually we have a King Cake, but this year, I put our plastic baby in a Dulce De Leche cheesecake. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Oh my goodness Phyllis that

Oh my goodness Phyllis that sounds quite delicious.  You wouldn't consider sending me the recipe?