Help me learn to knit socks!

This post is NOT about Butterflies!  But I just had to share this visit from a Swallowtail Butterfly while I was in my garden taking photos for TeriC!

This post is actually about knitting socks!  Actually - about the fact that I don't have a clue about how to knit socks

Many, many years ago, I knitted lots of sweaters!  But I have never, ever given knitting socks a thought! In fact, I had pretty much put knitting completely behind me!

And then I read Sarah's Christmas in July - Crafty Crusader All-Star interview with OneRedBootKaren has knitted 15 pairs of socks since January and is working on number 16! And she has shared these lovely photos of some of her gorgeous socks.  She is indeed a Crafty Crusader All-Star!

Karen!  You have totally inspired me to learn to knit socks!

Don't you think it is about time I do something about my dismal sock wardrobe?

But, given the fact that I don't have a clue about where to begin, I need help!  Sock knitters out there, would you please comment with the name of your favorite book or other source of information offering EASY instructions for knitting sox - preferably big, bulky, cozy, crafting-while-watching-TV socks in an uninspired pattern like a straight knit stitch!  I'll add interest with variegated yarn!

Thank you!

PS:  Don't forget to enter the Christmas in July Give-a-way.  Deadline is July 24th (Friday) at mid-night!

Oh yes, boot socks! My mom

Oh yes, boot socks! My mom and I will dig up the pattern and send it to you right away. SO easy!

And once you've been to

And once you've been to ravelry and signed up chek out An online magazine that comes out four times a year with patterns and assorted info, I've knitted a few smaller items that have popped up there from time to time.

Good luck with your socks...I'm working on my first patterend pair and it's not too bad...I think they're too small is all!!

Can you BELIEVE that we saw

Can you BELIEVE that we saw one of these butterflies in West Fork? I thought, why is this guy here? Isn't he too hot? WHAT KIND OF JOKE IS HE PLAYING, HERE?!

Little did I know that you were posting his picture at that very moment!

(p.s. I can unravel socks, in case that ever presents a problem for you.)

I took Chrissy Gardiner's Toe

I took Chrissy Gardiner's Toe up sock class on two circular needles at Twisted and loved it! Very easy method and she is a good teacher. I take my sock knitting with me everywhere because it is very easy to set down and pick right up again. Good luck!

Thank you everyone for all

Thank you everyone for all your great help! 

I am signed up on ravelry and already bookmarked a bunch of patterns!

I have explored circular knitting via the u-tube video Bonny sent and am definitely going to give that a try - looks like fun and I used to really like knitting on circular needles.

I am going on an active search for Cynthis Spencer's booklet on Toes-up knitting.

And I am looking forward to receiving Denise's pattern for boot socks!

And... Keesha!  Link to her post about knitting that she left for me.  The funniest thing I ever read!  Great sense of humor.

You just don't know how much I appreciate all of your efforts to set me on the path to my very first pair of hand knitted socks!

LOL! I've knitted ONE lonely

LOL! I've knitted ONE lonely sock. I'm pretty sure sock knitting lead to my drinking habit!

I would love to help you, I

I would love to help you, I knit socks all the time. But it will not be easy a the way from Norway, will it :-)

I've been knitting what is

I've been knitting what is called a boot sox for years with the same pattern.I think it was printed in the 40's It's pretty straight forward and not very hard to follow.Sarah is on vacation right now but,I'm sure she can sendf it on to you when she gets back.(Geekxnerd is my daughter)

Handsome butterfly. Beautiful

Handsome butterfly. Beautiful capture. Swallowtails make for a pretty sight.

I used to knit a lot of socks

I used to knit a lot of socks and then stopped for a few years. Just lately I've been itching to get started again, so today I bought a new sock book. Talk about coincidence with the timing of your post!

Okay, you can knit socks with 3 double-pointed needles or the European way of using 4 double-pointed needles. The advantage of using 4 needles is that there is less stress on turning the 'corner' when you go to the next needle. So there's less chance of leaving holes in the knitting.

You can also knit socks with 2 circular needles and I find that easiest of all. Cat Bordhi invented that technique and has a great book called:
"Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles: a Manual of Elegant Knitting Techniques and Patterns" ISBN:978-0970886958

As well as books, there are lots of web sites, too. This a demo by Cat Bordhi on YouTube:

But my best piece of advice is to go to your local yarn store and ask about classes. They give you one on one instruction and help you choose the right yarn and get you started. If you have questions they will help you as much as you need it. I found it very helpful to watch someone doing the knitting, then trying it myself and someone was there to spot mistakes and help you fix them. To me that's the best way to learn, in a small class or one on one.

Of course, if we lived closer, I'd be very happy to teach you! I did teach several people at Rob's office and now they knit better/more than I do!

Once you get the hang of it, it becomes VERY addictive!! Partly because the project is small and portable. Partly because there are so many gorgeous sock yarns out there, even hand-dyed ones. I still have quite a stash that needs to be knitted up.

Good Luck and have fun with it!!

I took a class from Cynthia

I took a class from Cynthia Spencer, who wrote a booklet called, Toe-up Socks. The photos and illustrations in the booklet are excellent. The only downside is that it has limited availability. More info is here:

I also agree that going to ravelry to look at sock patterns is a very good idea. You can look at how people rated the difficulty of various sock patterns and you can also find free patterns. Be warned: ravelry is very addictive and will make you want to knit more than you possibly could in a lifetime.

Best of luck!

I just LOVE that butterfly on

I just LOVE that butterfly on the coneflower! Gorgeous!!

I spent many a day knitting but that was so long ago I couldn't help you out at all. Wish my daughter were there to help, she has become quite the knitter (as well as quilter) and has been making lots of socks lately.

I am going to give her that website if she doesn't already know about it.


You must first go directly to

You must first go directly to and sign yourself up. Don't waste another second. It is a knit and crochet paradise! There are patterns, yarns, help forums, etc., etc., There are groups just for sock knitters. If you don't already know it, knitters are some of the nicest and most helpful people on earth.