January Sock Love

Sock Love

It must be January! I have yarn on my brain again!!!

First of all, as I mentioned previously, I have joined the "SockswithSarah" KAL - here is the link to the Ravelry thread and here is the link to the intro post on Sarah's blog.

And in the image above - the progress made in just one week on the poor little neglected for three long years second sock!!! It is amazing how much can be accomplished when you are committed to stitching every single day even if it is only for 5 minutes!

And check out that gorgeous background yarn!

Pink (hand dyed by Mercedes at Mercedes Knits) will be the next pair - also in the Grain Stitch Pattern from Edie Eckman's book "How to Knit Socks: Three methods Made Easy". Gorgeous yummy pink - for Diane! I am pretty sure this will be the forth pair I have knitted for her!

And the lovely variegated is for ME! A beautiful apparently discontinued colorway from Shibui Sock Yarns and a gift from my very first knitting supporter - Bonnie - her Bonnylama Ravelry link is here!

I will most likely use the same simple straight forward sock pattern I used for the other socks in this post.  Sent to me by a lovely friend in England.

Sock Love

Just so you know - Sarah will be sharing tons of helpful information on her blog during the KAL including how to select patterns and needles and yarn and tips for best utilizing Ravelry (here). AND Sarah introduced me to Susan B. Anderson (her blog herewho has given me a whole new outlook on wearing socks! Apparently she is perfectly comfortable with wearing mismatched socks!

So! That is good news! Because you see - the grey sock in the image above is actually the first full size sock I ever knit. And because I was practicing, I used scrap yarn found at a thrift. In fact if you look closely - you will notice I actually used two different yarns!

Thing is - this lonesome little sock fits like a dream and feels delicious on my foot and I have always regretted not having actually had sufficient yarn to make a pair. Now, thanks to Susan, it no longer is an issue! I will just knit something up - or pare it with any finished sock until it's mate is done!!!

Sock Love

Horror of horrors - I have loved my very first pair of socks (Shibui sock yarn and also a gift from Bonnie) to the point that I have worn a hole in one toe - and almost a hole in the other toe. Sarah has promised a tutorial for darning such disasters will be included during the Kal!

Hopefully if you have been sitting on the fence about joining in you will just link over to the thread and join in right now! And follow Sarah's blog for all her sock knitting posts here! She is 100% behind the idea of helping everyone - at any skill level - knit socks.

Sock Love

And a little update on Diane's Slippers! To create the lovely knitted felted slippers for Diane,  I am using a pattern in Katie Startzman's book "The Knitted Slipper Book" (can be ordered here.

It is a great visual to see how big and loosely knit the slippers must be to felt down from a comfortable Big Foot size to a perfect people size!

The pink inserts are on the needles now and once done, I will be having a felting fest! I have used the method for hand felting in Katie's video many, many times and I can't recommend highly enough that you bookmark and USE her method. Here is the link!

Happy getting back to your yarn stash everyone!

I really want to learn how to

I really want to learn how to knot. I've been crocheting forever.. But never had an opportunity to learn to knit. Those socks are great.

What a coincidence - that's

What a coincidence - that's how I think my feet look most of the time! :-)

OMG Diane you have me

OMG Diane you have me literally rolling on the floor in stitches over here!!!  You are so funny.  I can hardly even write!  

I am knitting the inserts a size smaller as they are in the Cascade 220 which felts so much differently than the Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride.  This first pair of slippers is all about experimentation!  

But I just could not resist showing how huge these are before felting.  Never done a felting before and after and always regretted it because the change is amazing!

Just you wait and see what cushion-y softness awaits you when these are felted!!! In the proper size!!