Mini Tips and Tuts: Non-Woven Interfacing Scraps = Frosty Looking Snowflakes

Non-woven interfacing snowflakes

Seems like almost everyone is cutting paper snowflakes this month! And indeed, cutting snowflakes is a great way to use junk mail and scrap paper.

Personally, I prefer cutting snowflakes out of non-woven interfacing - like Pellon.

For two reasons!

Paper snowflakes

It is nearly impossible to remove the folding creases from a paper snowflake...

Non-woven interfacing snowflakes

Â… while folding creases in snowflakes made using non-woven interfacing press out beautifully! Just be sure you use non-fusible interfacing!!!

Non-woven interfacing snowflakes

And snowflakes made from non-woven interfacing look a whole lot more like frost!

In my experience, medium to heavy weight is the best choice.

If you haven't already made snowflakes using Pellon or other non-woven interfacing fabric, try it!!

And just for fun - here are a couple pretty darn cool snowflake tutorials for the adventurous!

From: Tandoll's Silver Mountain Originals

And from: Omiyage Blogs

And a more straightforward tutorial for a snowflake.

From:  Craftiments

This is brilliant. They

This is brilliant. They really do look frosty & I'll bet they're easier to cut than paper. Of course, my mind is turning to the possibilities that can be done with the fusible kind and I think if I had nothing else to do this year, I could spend it doing craft variations of snowflakes.
and Thanks for the link! I am off to explore the others now.

Really Tammy!  The fusible?

Really Tammy!  The fusible?  You have taken me by surprise here but I am interested!!!  So I am thinking you are looking at possibilities with fused fabrics!!!? More to explore!!

This is a great idea! I love

This is a great idea! I love the look of paper snowflakes but I find them frustrating to make for exactly the reason you mentioned, that it's pretty much impossible to get the creases out. I tend to make mistakes and end up with creases in odd-looking places. I'll definitely give this a try -- planning on making a couple of bags sometime in the next couple of months and I should end up with some leftover non-fusible interfacing.

Daisy,  By all means make

Daisy,  By all means make snowflakes!!!  I am planning to do a bit of testing to make them water-proof and will "keep you posted"!

What a neat idea, Pam! Are

What a neat idea, Pam! Are these a one-year snowflake, like paper ones tend to be, or do these hold up a bit better than paper? Loving the "frosty" look! Really enjoying your Mini Tips n Tuts series! Big hugs!

Thank you Arielle!  I am glad

Thank you Arielle!  I am glad to hear my 'mimis' are helpful. I am thinking these should hold up better than paper - especiallyin heavier material - however, i am working on some ideas for making them more so.