More Christmas in July!

Sarah's Holiday Handmade Crusade challenge for July is to "save summer"!  But what I want to save for summer isn't ready to be saved yet!

Sarah is also sharing "long term projects" in her Christmas in July series, so  I decided to share a couple of my own "long term projects" as my entry for July! "Saving summer" will have to wait until August!

I have been making tiny hexies for the last few months!  Joanie inspired me to learn how to make them this spring.  I am using fabrics left over when Diane and I made the new ornaments for her advent calendar!  You know - way, way back in the vintage 70's! 

I set up this little 10"x10" box with smaller boxes inside to create compartments, and carry it everywhere. When I have a few minutes to "wait"- out comes the hexie box!  I already have almost enough hexies to make a tree skirt for my "mini tree"! I'll share more in December!

I have also been working on a very big advent calendar - 24" x 40"- using Christmas cards saved from years past.

So far the cards are mounted on the backing (several layers of scrap mount board) and the windows cut!  Now for the decorating!  A Northern European house theme!  That's all I'm saying.  I'll post a tutorial in early November showing you how I made it (with mostly recycled materials.)

In the meantime, go through your stacks of saved cards and select 24 you especially love.  Or paw through the old card bins at thrift stores if you don't have a stash!  Or, if you are artistic - draw or paint or embroider 24 images to use! Or perhaps Heather at Dollar Store Crafts will be inspired to figure out a way to use Dollar Store items inside the windows and share!

Or think of some other way you can make what's behind the doors meaningful to you and your family!  Why not make your advent calendar a "family tree" by using old photos of grandparents, great-grandparents, parents, siblings, children!  Wow!  That's a pretty cool idea! Why didn't I think of that before? Next year.

If you are thinking of joining me and making an advent calendar in November, get busy collecting your images now!  November is only 3 months away!

First, thanks for the link to

First, thanks for the link to the hexagons! I may have to put this in my travel box for some hand sewing, knitting is getting a little sweaty this summer.
Second, so glad you were able to leave a comment at my blog! (If you know how that glitch was fixed, let me know!) - that felted yarn ball tutorial is brilliant.
And last, thanks for all the great blog posts, again!

Oh, you make this so fun. I

Oh, you make this so fun.
I look forward to Sunday afternoon, when I can start sorting!!

That is a really nice idea

That is a really nice idea for an advent callendar.

Can't wait to see those

Can't wait to see those hexies all stitched up together. I warned you they're addicting, but you're no crafting lightweight Pam, you have endurance - just look at that pinata advent calendar!

I do have some ideas for an

I do have some ideas for an advent calendar! :)

I can't wait to see your

I can't wait to see your advent calendar. I've had my entire town saving cards for me for five years. I'm always looking for good projects to make use of them.

I love your little hexies, as

I love your little hexies, as you call them. Years ago I made a quilt of hexies all in the Grandmother flower garden pattern. (there's a photo of it somewhere on my blog). A mini tree skirt will be so festive. Can't wait to see it.