Knitting! Happily Knitting!

Progress shot - GrainStitch Socks for Diane

Have found myself needing a little time and space lately. A quiet corner and lots of yarn-y projects - a lovely, spirit restoring retreat. But I thought I had better surface and even though I have almost nothing to say, my yarn-y projects are eager to have their moment in the spot light!!!!

As you can clearly see, I am making great headway on Diane's pink grain stitch socksÂ…

Grain Stitch Socks completed

after having finally completed the second sock of this pair started three years ago! (Details on my Ravelry project page)

The now discontinued custom dyed pink yarn defines the pattern beautifully, but I am hating the way it keeps twisting up on itself while knitting - never had a yarn do this before. Anyone know why this is happening?

Two sexy legs almost completed on first doll

Sexy long legs! The beginning of my very first Arne and Carlos doll from "Knitted Dolls"! I am using Knit Picks Gloss DK and it is turning out to be a perfect choice. Blackberry for the legs and body suit, and Flamingo (pinkish flesh) for the face and arms.

First boot and leg done - Santa Lucia by Alan Dart!

Santa Lucia (pattern by Alan Dart) - one boot and leg completed!! I never cease to be amazed at how Mr. Dart can create an amazing variety of creatures and characters using basically nothing more complicated than the stockinette stitch and a simple increase and decrease.

Snowflake CAL - trudging along - getting into deeper snow!!!

When I ordered the Gloss yarn for the doll, I also ordered yarn to try out for the IMake Snowflake CAL. The blue is Stroll Fingerling in Wonderland Heather and the white is Comfy fingerling (cotton). So far I am liking the Stroll yarn very much.

But as you can see - that blue one - is one wonky flake! Sorta lost my way around the outside edges!

Not enjoying "flat crochet so much as I enjoy amigurumi. For me personally, amigurumi is like gliding over the snow on cross country skis and "flat" crochet is like trudging through knee deep snow in sneakers! Not giving up yet however!!

Hope you're enjoying a little

Hope you're enjoying a little peace and quiet - but thanks for checking in - it's always so nice to see what you're up to - and you're always busy with such wonderful things! I love the socks - both the green/blue pair and the beginning of the pink pair - just so cosy! And I'm so in love with your 'sexy long legs' doll! Just lovely! One day I'll have time to do such projects, but until I do, I'm happy to admire yours and be inspired. Perhaps I'll wait for your etsy shop to open...? ;) Lots of hugs from us all! Xxxx

Sasha!  Ha!  No plans for an

Sasha!  Ha!  No plans for an Etsy shop.  But - your sweet Maya will soon be at an age where she can learn many of these skills and perhaps you can share the learning together.

Fun to see your knitting

Fun to see your knitting projects! I agree with the other commenter - the grain stitch looks like mermaid scales. Love it. I'm going to have to favorite that for future use in a project. Here is a link you may like to read about twisting yarn -

I can't wait to see the knitted doll project as it unfolds - love the fancy dress pattern.

Tammy all the links you have

Tammy all the links you have shared have been so helpful.  I have been knitting socks with mostly shibui which is a beautiful sock yarn to work with and just blithely went along thinking all yarns behaved the same!!!  All part of the learning process I guess!

Going back to Shibui to recover!!!

Oh that knitted doll!  She is so wonderful.  Scared to death of the head part but one stitch at a time - right!!!  Some of the doll fans have made adorable accessories and outfits - even leg warmers! Check it out:

The doll pictures are

The doll pictures are adorable, I can't believe all the variations and details that folks have added to them. Makes me want to make one, too... but I know I can't handle one more thing on my to-do list!

Tammy - don't feel bad - todo

Tammy - don't feel bad - todo lists have a way of getting out of hand!!  We have to look at them as - well "more of a guideline"!

busy busy! and you do know,

busy busy!
and you do know, no two snowflakes are alike anyway : )

You are right Lyn!!!  :-)

You are right Lyn!!!  :-)  Thanks!!!

I love the green/blue socks,

I love the green/blue socks, they look "mermaidy". I am looking forward to seeing the other WIPs when they are finished. (Thanks for checking in! It is nice to see what you have been working on.)

Ha! The blue/green socks DO

Ha! The blue/green socks DO look mermaid-y don't they!!  Funny thing about that pattern.  Guys see it as lizard or dino scales.  Women see it as petals.  You are my first "mermaid"!  :-)

Mermaid is the pretty version

Mermaid is the pretty version of scales :)

That was my thought, too,

That was my thought, too, Michelle :)

Having a big giggle over

Having a big giggle over here!  Thank you Michelle!

Your blue and green socks

Your blue and green socks turned out gorgeous! And the pink socks are coming along smashingly, indeed! You've definitely got a bunch of neat projects on your needles and hooks currently! So much fun! Thanks for updating us on your WIPs - it's definitely fun to see what you're up to! Sending lots of big hugs!

Arielle, thank you!  Thought

Arielle, thank you!  Thought I should let my readers and friends know I hadn't disappeared entirely! And those little WIP's are about all that's going on around here!!

Big hugs are especially welcome these days. Thank you!

oh, I can't wait to see your

oh, I can't wait to see your Saint Lucy!!! :)

Silvia!  I think of you every

Silvia!  I think of you every time I make a stitch!!!