Early Spring Craft Index: "Punched tin" and "Up-cycle" and More!

Signs of March!

March and April are usually the months during which, in addition to playing with Easter Eggs, I am often engaged in working with "tin" or sharing ideas for reuse and recycle. And after five years of blogging, I have assembled a nice collection of tutorials in both catagories! So - if you are interested in either of these crafty subjects - keep reading!

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I love the look of "punched tin" and butterflies seem to be my favorite "subject". Although I have worked with tin sheets, I actually prefer using roof flashing because it holds up well in the elements - ie: it doesn't rust!!

However, aluminum food containers can also be used for butterflies, dragonflies and light shields which turns them into "recycled" craft projects!

In the collage above from left clockwise:  How to make a Punched Tin Butterfly;  *  How to make a Beaded Punched Tin Dragon Fly AND How to Make a Metallic Paper "punched tin" Dragon Fly;  *  How to make a Napkin Ring from Tooling Foil;  *  How to Embellish Butterflies with Beads;  *  How to Make Punched Tin Light Shields

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Pop cans and tin cans offer an abundance of opportunity and material for recycled crafts and judging from the popularity of theses tutorials, I am not the only one who loves transforming metal cans!

In the collage above from left clockwise:  Sconce based on designs used in mid- 19th century New Mexico and constructed from tin cans;   *  "Punched Tin" Frame also based on mid-19th century New Mexican designs and like it's "forefathers", made from recycled tin cans;   *   Easter Cross made from soda can bottoms and scraps of wood;   *   Garden Stakes or markers made from soda cans (these things are totally impervious to the elements and can be used year after year);   *   Butterfly garden mobile made from soda cans - and effective in keeping birds away from berries! Hang on stakes in berry patch or in among branches of berry bushes.

Find more ideas for reusing metal and playing with "punched tin" in Metal Craft Set on Flicker.

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Metal isn't the only material I like to use for re-use and recycle craft. Cardboard - boxes and food boxes, leftover or rescued yarn scraps and glass jars all offer possibilities!

In the collage above from left clockwise:  Wall Storage Folders made from recycled cardboard boxes and fabric scraps - useful for storing all manner of paper and art;  *  Zen Woven Bookmarks created with bits of yarn, cereal boxes and a loom made from cardboard;   *  Saori Style Woven Table Toppers and Mug Rugs - even placemats - hand woven using card board looms;   *   Cardboard food canisters and cereal or cracker boxes become both the loom and a transformed storage container;   *   Glass Jars tinted using Mod Podge colored with Food Coloring - and now Plaid has developed a new colored Mod Podge to make the process even easier!

Check it out! It is called Sheer Color.  Can't wait to try it out!

There are lots more ideas in my Flicker sets - organized by seasons as well as by specific catagories - even a set for "kid friendly crafts".  Hopefully you will find something you will enjoy learning and making!

Colored mod podge! Wow. I

Colored mod podge! Wow. I know Plaid is upping the ante on their mod podge line, and the molds always interest me, but I never do anything about that.

How many years, my friend, have I been wanting to make your punched tin butterflies?! I have one of yours prominently displayed in my revamped studio and Love looking at it. Oh, where are my crafty muscles?!

Chris!  Your crafty muscles

Chris!  Your crafty muscles are being used for creating art - beautiful, joyful, fanciful, happy art!