Brand New Bunny Hopping Down the Bunny Trail

New Easter bunny on the bunny trail!

Heh! Heh! Heh! Bunny is done!!! And I am not a bit too bashful or modest or polite to say "I love her to pieces"!

What a happy adventure this has been, combining inspiration from Marmalade Rose with a bunny pattern published in "Stuffed Animals: From Concept to Construction" and embroidery patterns published in "Stitched Blooms: 300 Floral, Leaf and Border Motifs to Embroider".

If you missed it, you can read how all this came about here, as well as how I set up the patterns pieces for embroidery.


New Easter bunny revealed

Here's Bunny in all her naked glory!!! A little too immodest for my taste - hence the tutu!!

But seriously though -  don't you just want to hug her? Abby's creatures all beg to be hugged!

Abby's "Bunny" is designed for felt or plush fabric actually - always MY personal preference for stuffed animals as the material is so forgiving. Using a fine Kona cotton (embroidery!) made it necessary to pay especially careful attention to stitching, double stitching at all curves, and finally stuffing.

But that is one of the things I appreciate so much about Abby's book - she teaches you everything you need to know about making stuffed animals so you can "go off the rails" whenever you like!!!

Bunny make

If you are following me on Instagram, then you likely have been catching my little "teasers" during construction!

Once embroidery was completed, all the little body parts were carefully cut out and seams trimmed to 1/4", pinned together and stitched. This is not the method Abby teaches - her method for construction is MUCH easier! Brilliant actually. But because each little Bunny body part is embroidered, it was my only option.

I did have to make a few changes in my plans along the way.

I found that the arms fall pretty much open most of the time so it was necessary to reverse the original designs for the front and back so that the side of the arm with more embroidery would be most often visible.

And as you can see from the photos I sent Diane for confirmation on the iphone - my plans to use the plush pink fabric for the inside of the ears needed to be revised. All that beautiful embroidery - hidden in the back! No way!

The process of stuffing, just as Abby teaches us, really can't be rushed and does take time. Very hard to be patient as that little body and head begin taking shape! Had to keep popping the head on just 'cause I couldn't wait to "peak"!!!

New Easter bunny - back side

The back!!! Much simpler designs. They need to be there but are not going to be seen often.

New Easter bunny revealed

I followed Abby's instructions for making the nose, eyes, mouth and whiskers to the letter - well - except for the fact that HER noses always come out perfect!!!  Actually, I gave thought to simply using buttons for the eyes, but am now so pleased that I decided to follow Abby's guidance and learn to make felt eyes.

Embroidery designs on the head were kept fairly simple and completely away from the facial features - just enough embroidery so that the head looks like it belongs with bunny!

New Easter bunny  - the need for the tutu!

Couldn't resist stitching one of Carina's cute posies right on the bottom of Bunny's little feet!

And this shot provides another glimpse showing just why I felt the tutu was appropriate! "Bunny" comes complete with patterns and instructions for making an adorable wardrobe - dress and shoes OR shirt and britches! However, my bunny's little body is already covered in embroidered tatoos, so I opted to "dress" her simply - a soft satin bow and ruffly tutu.

The tutu was a piece of cake to make - I used a spool of wired organdy ribbon. Squished it into tiny gathers and for now - pinned it in place! Haven't decided whether to stitch it right onto the little body or stitch it to ribbon and tie it on.

New Easter bunny Revealed!!

I have said this often, but it bears repeating!!! The two books I referenced to create Bunny are books that should be in every crafter's library. And the primary reason is that both deliver in spades when it comes to providing information, tools, and techniques that will build a knowledge and skill base from which to design and create projects of your very own.  Both books will remain in your library as valuable life long reference guides.

Whether you want to embroider a wambat or a kitchen towel or design and stuff a 6' long snake or a chupacabra, if you have these books in your crafty library, you can do it!!!

If you don't already own these two books, I recommend you make it a point to do so -  especially if you are considering making stuffed toys or learning embroidery.

You can order Abby's book "Stuffed Animals" right here. And Carina's book "Stitched Blooms" can be ordered right here.

Sharing more Easter bunnies - "quick as a bunny" bunnies - next week!!

Do you think a good quality

Do you think a good quality muslin would be fine for this? I'm also think of using glass wire loop eyes.

I can't say anything that

I can't say anything that hasn't been said already, but wanted to chime in - this is a fantastic project!!

Your work is so beautiful. I love how you combined the pattern with embroidery & your modifications along the way. I keep looking at your closeups, such gorgeous work (and photography!).

Tammy!  Thank you so much for

Tammy!  Thank you so much for stopping by and for chiming in" with so many nice things to say about Bunny!!!  You have been a huge influence this past year in pointing me in the direction of focusing on those FOR ME projects that I never get to because I am focused on "blog projects"!  It's been a immensely  satisfying shift!!!

Pam - I love what you did

Pam - I love what you did with the bunny! She looks adorable. What a fantastic idea to embroider her. I have Abby's book and have made the bunny, cat, bumblebee and fish so far - and I agree - it is a wonderful book that I reference regularly! I will have to check out the embroidery book now too! What a lovely post and review on these books and an absolutely beautiful bunny! LOVE it!

Jody, the fact that you are a

Jody, the fact that you are a designer in your own right and still find so much of value in Abby's book speaks to it's value to all of us who love making stuffed toys!!!   I appreciate your kind words about Bunny!  I love her too!  And every time i look at her  I am reminded what a good thing it is that I decided to focus this year on projects close to my heart.

Pam, This bunny is so

This bunny is so gorgeous. I loved watching you work on it through your Instagram progress photos and I think it is so clever to use Carina's gorgeous embroidery motifs to make this bunny truly special. She came out so well! Thank you for being such a fan of my book. It really warms my heart each time you sew from it.

Abby!  How could I not be a

Abby!  How could I not be a fan?  You taught me most of what I know about making stuffed animals!!  Most importantly, you have given me the feeling that I can truly make any animal I wish and the book is a great reference for those techniques I might yet need to learn in case i happen to get too creative!!!

Pam, your bunny is so

Pam, your bunny is so stinkin' cute!!!!! If I didn't follow your blog, I would have thought it was bought in a fancy gift shop! All your work is done with such attention to detail......that's why I love your blog so much!

Nancy!  What a lovely

Nancy!  What a lovely compliment!!  For bothe the bunny and the blog.  I don't feel i can take credit for the bunny - but I sure can for the blog!!!  And I can' not tell you how much it means to hear your words.  Thank you!

She is so pretty! I was

She is so pretty! I was thinking that I needed to make one for my I think I need one too!

Definitely!  You need one too

Definitely!  You need one too Bobbie!

And Abby has an adorable little bunny pattern on her site - perfect for granddaughters to hug!

This is beautiful. There is

This is beautiful. There is so much to like about her. :)

Sandy! Thank you! If it

Sandy! Thank you! If it weren't for all the connections made in this ole blogiverse, I wouldn't be doing half the things I am doing!  And look at you - just popped over to visit and noticed YOU have been pretty busy during March yourself!!!

Yay bunny is done. Was just

Yay bunny is done. Was just thinking about the bunny yesterday. She's VERY beautiful!!! Good job!

Thank you Karen!!!

Thank you Karen!!!

Bunny turned out positively

Bunny turned out positively gorgeous, Pam! Thank you so much for sharing your idea from start to finish - it was almost like crafting across the table. :) Your photos turned out beautifully, too! I agree with Silvia, I love the flowers on the bottoms of her feet! Too cute!

Arielle, I am happy to hear

Arielle, I am happy to hear you enjoyed "participating"!!  Hopefully one of these days soon your life will settle and youcan begin crafting again.  Thank YOU for all your kind words and enthusiasm!

This is sooo cute! I can't

This is sooo cute! I can't believe you found the patience to make something so complicated and so time consuming! I hope you have a lot of visitors over Easter so they can admire your work!

Listen to YOU, Maryline!

Listen to YOU, Maryline!  Talk about patience to make something complicated and time consuming.  Aren't you the brilliant quilter who makes beautifully designed complicated and intricate quilts? :-)

Thank you for the lovely compliment!  

Pam, it's so lovely! I like

Pam, it's so lovely!
I like some details like the flowers on the bottom of the feet and those little drops on the head, between the ears!
Well done you!
I think she (it's a girl, I suppose) will be in good company with my Bunny, although it is so small and simple compared with yours :)

Yes Silvia - definitely all

Yes Silvia - definitely all girl bunny!!  And i am happy to report that your bunny and Bunny have already become fast friends!!  

Absolutely charming and

Absolutely charming and adorable! And I can tell that you had way too much fun posing her for blog pictures. :-) I know this was a total labor of love, and it's so cool to see her all done and ready for the holiday. Beautifully done!

Diane!  Yes indeed, Bunny is

Diane!  Yes indeed, Bunny is a labor of love!  I appreciate and rtespect both designer's and their abilities so much and bringing them together into one project was immensly satisfying!  And - yes - the photo shoot was a hoot!!!

Pam - your bunny turned out

Pam - your bunny turned out beautifully!!! I especially love the floppy ears and the embroidery on them...just darling. <3

Katherine!  Thank you!  But

Katherine!  Thank you!  But it really IS a successful smash-up of two brilliant designers that makes that bunny so darn cute!!