More Yarn Love! More "Leftover" Projects Done!

St. Lucy Knitted Doll

My needles have been busy again this month! Personal projects and CAL/KAL!

I am dancing a happy happy happy dance having just completed two more projects left over from last year - my very own , beautiful St. Lucy from a pattern by Alan Dart (available here); ANDÂ…

Macie Alice Easter 2

Macie Alice - a fabulous knitted doll from "Knitted Dolls" by Arne and Carlos. (Find the book here!) She is shown here wearing her Easter Dress and Easter Fascinator!

Although both dolls are knitted, the methods employed by the designers are completely different. Lucy is knit on straight needles and then seamed together into a doll. Macie Alice is knit on dpns - mostly in one piece! I am learning tons in the process of knitting patterns from these brilliant designers. And am constantly amazed at their genius!

If you are interested: Lucy is knit using Knit Picks Brava and Macie is knit in Knit Picks gloss DK.  I  am finding each yarn the perfect choice for the doll it is used for.  FYI - the Gloss yarn is not only beautiful but playing with the completed doll is a lovely tactile experience as well!

I am one of many, many fans of both designers!  Take a minute and check out some of the delightful and whimsical creations other's have posted on their Ravelry groups. Guaranteed - you will find yourself sitting there with a big ole grin on your face!!!

Alan Dart on Ravelry here AND Arne and Carlos on Ravelry here!

Snowflake CAL with IMake - April selection Ice Prism

Tony over at Bonito Club, another member of the Snowflake CAL hosted by IMAKE, left a remark on my Instagram suggesting that using a tiny hook and "almost invisible thread" would result in snowflakes perfectly sized for my Charlie Brown Tree! Scared completely to death at the prospect of working with the tiny needles and thin thread, I did it anyway! And you know what? NOTHING to be "scared" of! They are not as perfect as the book samples, but from a distanceÂ…..

And that adventure prompted me to dig out my biggest hook - a J size - and super chunky yarn to see if I could use the same pattern selection (Boreas) to create a snowflake hot pad for winter holiday tables! And just look at how beautiful it is! More of these to come for sure!!

Charlie Brown Tree

The little rescued seedling I saved from the fern garden last spring is growing new branches all over the place! And I am already quite certain that the five miniature hexie ornaments I hung from it's branches last Christmas will nearly disappear in the maze of new branches this Christmas.

Snowflake CAL April selections Ice Prism and Boreas

So - I am going to make several of the Snowflake CAL selections in miniature. These above were made with a 1.7mm steel hook I inherited from my great grandmother. I also have a 1.5mm Â… which I am now brave enough to try!

Snowflakes being tested for size on the tree are two of April's selections - Boreas and Ice Prism.

SockswithsarahKal for April

Knitting a little almost every day on socks! Not nearly as active as some crazy sock knitting addicted and determined participants in  the Socks with Sarah KAL but as you can see, I have spread myself a little thin with "other" projects. AND to top it off the beige/blue sock is being knit on #1 needles using Shubui sock yarn and while I love the results, it is going painfully slow. I may be working these for the rest of the year.

I am using the immensely popular Hermione Everyday Socks pattern (available free on Ravelry here) and I do love what it is doing to the patterning and pooling of the Shibui colors. Will share details of that when done!!!

The bright colorful anklet is my way of "taking a break" from slow progress on tiny needles!! I am experimenting with Knit Picks Chroma (color Prism) to knit anklets in worsted weight - a quick and easy way to experiment! Not exactly what I would call a sock yarn - the yarn is more like roving than a tightly twisted sock yarn. But sooooo cushy and seriously - it makes my eyes blissfully happy every time I pick it up!!

more yarn-y goodness

While basking in the happy glow of "finishing projects didn't get to last year" I have cast on a few more new adventures!

Using up stash yarns leftover from projects seems the perfect way to create Christmas baubles.

I have been wanting to play with two patterns acquired a couple years ago, but have always let something else get in the way! But no longer! On the needles: Knit and Felt Wool HolidayOrnaments by Marie Mayhew (patterns can be found here) AND on the hook: Crocheted Christmas Baubles by Planet June (patterns can be found here).

The fabulicious yarns on the cones are from Yarnia and I think will produce lovely baubles! June's crocheted baubles should be a perfect way to use the cone ends (which if you are interested are available in the Yarnia on line shop).

The Pink yarn is Cascade 220 left over from Diane's Slippers! Also have leftover turquoise! Great for Marie's knit/felt projects.

And I have another Alan Dart pattern on the needles - (the green and natural yarns)! Like St. Lucy, it will be knit using Knit Picks Brava Sport. A lovely emerald green tonte!

And that gorgeous variegated yarn in the very center (it was rescued recently from a thrift) will soon become part of Macie's wardrobe!!! Arne and Carlos provide a whole book of wardrobe options.  The hard part is choosing!!

Spring is here!!!

Spring is in full swing! Summer is right around the corner!

Join me throughout the month of May as I play with butterflies! Tin Butterflies! Embroidered Butterflies! Blackwork Butterflies! A whole month of butterfly love!

This post makes me want to

This post makes me want to work SMALL again. Just go little and tiny and delicate. But then, you've always inspired me. Right now I'm on two PAID commissions (can you believe that?) and can't do one more thing until they are done. I'm a slow worker as you know. That rainbow is so gorgeous, isn't it? and your dolls! It's great to see even bigger pictures of them. I would imagine you could sell your dolls and you would not have a moment to yourself. So don't do it! I want you to have time to try ever more things, and share them here!

Wow! You are amazing! So

Wow! You are amazing! So busy!!! I love everything! But oh, particularly Lucia - she is just GORGEOUS!!!!! And Macie Alice - so sweet!!! I'm looking forward to butterfly month... THANKYOU for sharing! Xxx

xoxoxo Sasha!  I don't know

xoxoxo Sasha!  I don't know why, but I had a feeling Lucy would appeal!! :-)

I love everything!!! i am

I love everything!!! i am working on the second sock to my Hermoine's everyday sock it is taking me a bit longer than i like a well. I love the colors!!

Donna, I tried the Hermione

Donna, I tried the Hermione sock on last night -  a "just starting the toe" length check and it fits like an absolute dream!  So yes it does take time to knit, but I think I am really, really going to love this pair of socks. 

You are a busy bee! I admire

You are a busy bee! I admire you finishing up so many projects. I have so many knitting projects cast on and in various stages of completion, but haven't touched knitting needles in ages. I've been on a fabric obsession and have to get past that:)

Your garden looks dreamy!

Bobbi!  I am the first to say

Bobbi!  I am the first to say - go with what is amusing your Muse at the moment!!  After all - that is how I got so far behind on all these projects!!!  Your yarn and needles will be there when you are wanting to play again.

Your project are coming along

Your project are coming along so well! Your Lucy turned out wonderful - can't wait to see her take her place in your winter displays this year! And your Macie Alice makes me smile with her fun and funky attitude! I think I may have to add a crocheted snowflake trivet to my Christmas crafty to-do list're turned out so beautiful! And I'm definitely digging your rainbow socks - reminds me of happy memories of Rainbow Brite! I'm off to address postcards for iHanna's swap! Keep up the great work and can't wait to see what projects you work on next month! Sending lots of big hugs and creative happy thoughts!

Arielle!  How great you are

Arielle!  How great you are joining in Hanna's swap.  I am sure anything you send will be loved and appreciated.

Wow, you've been busy! Your

Wow, you've been busy! Your Lucy is so beautiful, and I'm just so impressed at how you taught yourself to knit from internet tutorials, and have progressed to these amazing complex shapes. Your crochet snowflakes are wonderful - it really is fun how things can go large or small like that. That's an awesome hot pad!

Thank you Diane!!!  I wish

Thank you Diane!!!  I wish having completed an Alan Dart pattern qualified me for knitting stardom - but really, his patterns are so simple and direct and logical almost any skill level should have no problem.  Assembling all the parts is a little more challenging but patience is really all that is needed!!!

And the snowflake!!!  Heh heh heh!  That big one was a hoot to crochet!  I owe my crochet skills to YOU and June!  I can not wait for her new book to be published!

So much making! Your dolls

So much making! Your dolls are beautiful, but predictably the snowflakes are my favourites! I love both the teeny and the chunky. And I'm really looking forward to your month of butterflies, my little girl is butterfly mad and has a room full of them so I'm predicting a few extra joining her in there after seeing upcoming creations.

Sally!  How nice toknow I

Sally!  How nice toknow I already have a butterfly fan in my corner!!!

FYI in case you did not know it, Leyla Torres has posted the instructions for a fairly simple origami butterfly on her site!!! Find it here!

Beautiful! I obviously love

Beautiful! I obviously love your Lucia - so sweet! Lovely work on the socks too...inspires me to finally get to a sock pattern I have in my stash! :)

Kathryn, ever since I saw

Kathryn, ever since I saw your sweet needle felted Lucy, I have wanted one of my own.